Lincoln pleaded for peace on Thanksgiving. Let him imagine a world without war and hunger.


When President Abraham Lincoln declared the holiday of National Thanksgiving in 1863, there was peace in his heart. America was in the middle of the Civil War.

Lincoln called for Thanksgiving prayers to end the war.

Peace abroad is also important to Lincoln, as evidenced by his Thanksgiving Declaration, which states that “peace shall be with all nations.” While the North and South fought the Civil War, there was also the danger that America would go to war with Britain again. The US has all but pulled out of a pact with Britain to disarm warships in the Great Lakes. Fortunately, the historic Rush Bagot Agreement, which symbolizes a peaceful border with Canada, has been preserved.

Thanksgiving is therefore a holiday about peace, and our role as Americans in spreading tranquility at home and abroad. The fear of war continues as Ukraine is plunged into darkness in some areas by Russian missile attacks on civilians and infrastructure.

This Thanksgiving, we call for peace between Russia and Ukraine and an end to the tragic loss of life. Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine and make peace with her neighbor. Continued warfare achieves no one’s safety.

We must continue to support Ukraine and encourage Russia to choose the path of peace. Ukraine and Russia can forge a historic peace and disarmament treaty that will stand the test of time. Russia and the United States would also need to negotiate a treaty to reduce their nuclear arsenals, reducing their arsenals from the thousands to hundreds today.

Our thanksgiving plea for peace extends to all nations, including Yemen. There is a civil war in Yemen that has claimed thousands of lives, including children, and millions are suffering from extreme hunger. There is a desperate need for a renewed truce between the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels.

Yemeni children were recently interviewed by the charity Save the Children. Yemeni children tell charity:

We must press the Saudi coalition and the Houthis to renew the ceasefire and sign a final peace treaty.

Thanksgiving is also about helping war victims. As Lincoln said on Thanksgiving, we pray and care for “widows, orphans, mourners, or those who have fallen victim to the tragic civil wars in which we are compelled to engage.” is needed.

Millions of civilians are currently afflicted by conflicts around the world. We must do everything we can to help them and protect them from harm. Peace is essential in all conflicts everywhere to protect the human rights of all.

The most basic human right is to eat and live. As President Dwight Eisenhower reminded us, “It is appropriate and appropriate, during this nation’s Thanksgiving season, to remember and respond to the needs of people in other nations.”

Eisenhower said, “I urge my fellow Americans to support and assist the efforts of our nations as we work individually and in concert with others to solve the world’s food problems.

You can write a Thanksgiving letter to Congress advocating for global food aid, including Eisenhower’s Food for Peace program. After all, it was a letter by Sarah Josepha Hale that prompted Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, enjoy family time, enjoy good food, and be an advocate for peace and unity. Imagine a World Thanksgiving without war or hunger.

William Lamberth said,“Road to Peace” In partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme,end world hunger

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