Lawsuit says they caught a teacher verbally telling students with special needs that they would ‘beat them the more they cried’


A Chicago public school teacher has been accused of abusing students with special needs in a new lawsuit filed by eight parents who allege that the teacher was beating their children with hands and a ruler and regularly cursing them. I got

A disturbing allegation was made along with an alleged recording of the teacher. In it, she can be heard telling students at Whistler Elementary School, “The more you cry, the more I will beat you.”

“My worst fears came true when I found out what was going on in her classroom,” said parent Candace Bowman, mother of a non-verbal child with autism. “Looking back on it now, it all made sense.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of eight parents of physically and mentally handicapped children in kindergarten through second grade. It is named after CPS, school boards, teachers and principals.

CPS said the Office of Student Protection and Title IX are investigating the allegations.

In a statement to NBC 5, the district said, “Chicago Public Schools is committed to the safety and well-being of our students and takes all allegations of employee misconduct seriously. CPS will follow the school district’s policies and procedures. Investigate and address all complaints Promote a safe and secure learning environment at all schools.In accordance with the Student Privacy Act, the School District does not comment on ongoing investigations and/or personnel matters.

Parent Julie Hagham said she started noticing changes in her six-year-old son when he started school.

“When he got into Whistler, I realized he stopped eating lunch. Before he was at another school, he wasn’t,” she said. “I also noticed that as soon as I parked my car at school, I cried and didn’t want to go in. I also noticed that when I came home from school, I started using expressions that I hadn’t learned at school.” Home with “Shut up”.

“I thought he was picking it up from the other kids at school,” she continued. ”

The lawsuit alleges that the wrongdoing was continuous and ongoing until February.

“How could something like this happen in this classroom without anyone speaking up for such a long period of time?” I’m here. “It makes us believe that people were afraid to speak up.”

The district said the teacher was removed from the school while it investigated the allegations.

“I’m here today to stand up and fight for my daughter because she can’t do it on her own.”


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