Kim Fox gives update on sexual abuse case against R. Kelly


Note: The latest developments regarding Cook County State Attorney Kim Fox’s announcement can be found here.

Cook County attorney Kim Foxx is scheduled to discuss a sexual abuse case filed against singer-songwriter R. Kelly on Monday afternoon, according to the state attorney’s office.

It’s unclear what will be announced, but Foxx plans to “provide an update on the firm’s prosecution” at 3:30 p.m. on the four pending lawsuits against Kelly.

Kelly, June 2022 Sentenced to 30 years in prison After a trial in New York, a jury found him guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking.

Second trial in Chicago On September 14, he was found guilty of creating child pornography and sexually seducing a young girl. Weeks later, a federal judge dishonored his R&B superstar as one of his victims in a decades-long plot to use his fame to sexually abuse young fans. has suggested that there are plans to order it to pay more than $300,000.

The restitution order by U.S. District Judge Ann Connelly, which was still final in September, was intended to cover herpes and psychotherapy treatment costs. Accused Kelly of giving her a sexually transmitted disease during an encounter.

Kelly could end up paying tens of thousands more for herpes treatment and counseling a second victim once the final tally is worked out. A judge dismissed her third claim by another accuser.

While Federal Prosecutors in Chicago Are Scoring Multiple convictions against Kelly At the singer’s trial in September, they lost on headline charges that Kelly tampered with a 2008 state child pornography trial and obstructed justice, and a jury acquitted him.

After the verdict, U.S. Attorney John Rausch expressed disappointment at not winning a full conviction. But Kelly is still looking at a prison sentence of 10 to 90 years, he said, and he said he was happy that Kelly was “finally held accountable.” Scheduled for February 23rd.

At least one legal expert said obstruction of justice charges were generally not difficult to prove. “But in this case,” said Phil Turner, a former federal prosecutor in Chicago.

The jury also acquitted Kelly of receiving child pornography and one count of creating child pornography. . His lawyers planned to appeal, but it’s unclear if he did.


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