Killing Belmont Cragin: Rewards offered for information on fatal shootings


Family members and community activists gathered in the Belmont Kuragin neighborhood on Tuesday to seek clues about the murder of 32-year-old Ramiro Mendes, the father of two girls.

Mendez was gunned down in front of his house on the 5300 block of West Altgeld Street early Saturday morning shortly after he and his wife returned home from a family gathering.

Maria Zambrano had entered the house to release the family dog ​​while Mendes waited in the driveway, Zambrano said on Tuesday at the corner of North Lockwood and West Altgerd, a few doors away from the shooting. said after the press conference.

Ramiro Mendes

“I heard gunshots, lots of gunshots, and screeching tires,” recalled Zambrano, who stood by his sister and Mendez’s parents. “He was on the ground when I came out.”

Mendez was lying near the backyard fence, Zambrano said.

“He never had a problem with anyone,” she said.

Community activists Raul Montez Jr. and Pat Gibbons pledged $8,000 together for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer.

“We are tired of the violence,” Montez said. “(Mendes) was killed outside his own home. …Criminals don’t care who you are or where you live.”

A black sedan pulled up in front of the house as Ms. Mendez was waiting in the driveway around 3 a.m., police said. A vehicle occupant opened fire, hitting Mendez in the chest. Mendez was taken to the Masonic Medical Center in Illinois, where he was pronounced dead. Her Mendez had her two daughters, aged 10 and her 7.

Velez said Mendez was born in Mexico and grew up in Bucktown before moving to Belmont Kuragin. He worked as a food delivery boy and got up every morning to take his daughters to school.

“His daughters miss Daddy,” she said, holding back a sob. “Everyone around me has a camera…. I know you’re afraid. People don’t want to talk. I’m sorry, but I’m here to get justice for (Ramiro).”

Less than a week after 32-year-old Mendes was shot dead near the site, Ramiro Mendes' family, community activists, said at a news conference Tuesday near North Lockwood Avenue and West Altgeld Street. and lamented that Chicago alderman candidate Esteban Burgore condemned neighborhood violence. at Belmont Kuragin. Police and his family said Mendez was shot dead shortly after 3 a.m. on January 21 while he was standing outside letting his dog loose.

Ramiro Mendez’s family mourns as community activists, and Chicago city council candidate Esteban Burgoa condemns neighborhood violence on Tuesday.

Pat Gibbons (left) and Raul Montes at a news conference Tuesday condemning neighborhood violence near North Lockwood Avenue and West Altgeld Street, less than a week after Mendez, 32, was arrested. I hear Yarine Velez talk about her brother Ramiro Mendez. He was shot near that location in Belmont Kuragin. Police and family said Mendez was shot dead shortly after 3 a.m. on January 21 while he was standing outside letting his dog loose.

Pat Gibbons (left) and Raul Montez listen Tuesday to Yarin Velez talk about his brother Ramiro Mendes, who was shot dead Saturday in the Belmont Kuragin neighborhood.

Ramiro Mendes' wife María Zambrano hugged her mother-in-law at a news conference on Tuesday and condemned the violence near North Lockwood Avenue and West Altgerd Street, the Belmont Kuragin location. Zambrano said her husband was shot dead shortly after 3 a.m. on January 21 while he was standing outside her and letting the dog loose.

Ramiro Mendes’ wife, María Zambrano, hugs her mother-in-law during Tuesday’s press conference regarding Mendes’ murder.


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