Kierra Coles missing: Chicago police release new video of pregnant postwoman missing since 2018


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CHICAGO (CHI) — Kierra Coles has been missing since 2018 and on Tuesday Chicago police released video showing some of the pregnant postwoman’s final moments before she disappeared.

“We just want Kierra to be brought home safely,” said Karen Phillips, Kierra’s mother.

Kierra Coles has been missing since October 2, 2018, when she was 26.

Chicago police released some of the last images of her before she disappeared on Tuesday.

Kierra Coles has been missing for almost 3 years, but her family is still searching for answers

“At approximately 10:43 p.m. Kierra Coles was seen on surveillance video making two ATM withdrawals at a business in the 8600 block of South Cottage Grove,” CPD Lt. William Svilar said. “Kierra, postman, who was three months pregnant, left the company three minutes later. These are the last recorded images of Kierra.”

“It was just days of searching and distributing flyers and prayers,” Phillips said.

After going through hours of video, police compiled a timeline of her disappearance.

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“During that night, Kierra entered her residence in the 8100 block of South Vernon,” Lt. Svilar said. “A man that police have identified as a person of interest also arrived and entered the residence. Kierra and the man then got into his car and drove away with Kierra behind the wheel.”

Minutes later, Kierra was seen on surveillance video using the ATM.

Police said less than an hour later, that same vehicle was seen parking in another part of town. The person of interest exits from the passenger side of the car, but no one has exited from the driver’s side.

“The next day, the person of interest is seen parking Kierra’s vehicle near her residence before entering the building and exiting with unknown items,” Svilar said.

The man was then seen driving away with his vehicle parked on the street overnight.

When questioned, police said he gave various accounts of the last time he saw her.

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Police interviewed his family, friends, searched his apartment, personal effects, vehicle and social media pages and still nothing.

Her family just wants her back – and begs anyone with information:

“He misses his family and friends,” Phillips said. “We all want her to be safe at home. Everything you know, that you think is nothing, it could be something.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at

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