Jumbo Yellow Perch and Winter Fishing on Chicago Lakes Leads to Joe Grega’s Thoughts


My thoughts turned to Joe Grega.

It was the size of a few yellow perches and should have been caught the last few weeks from the shore of Lake Michigan or from a boat near the shore.

The season for bass fishing is from late fall to winter.

In 2015, I visited Grega’s home to talk about the Illinois record perch (2 lbs, 8.75 oz) caught on January 5, 1974 at the old Arrowhead Club, now part of Braidwood Lake. Did.

It was then and still is the longest-running significant fish record in Illinois.

Grega, who climbed the stepladder to take the mount down from its place of honor amidst crossed guns and baseball artifacts, knew that was unlikely.

“I heard a man say he caught something bigger,” he said. “I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. I keep thinking it’s going to break.”

Back in 2015, Joe Grega expressed surprise that the yellow perch he caught on January 5, 1974 was still an Illinois record. it is still standing Credit: Dale Bowman

Back in 2015, Joe Grega expressed surprise that the yellow perch he caught on January 5, 1974 was still an Illinois record. it is still standing

Wondering about our perch.

Most recently, I’ve been interested in the size of the perch. One reason for this is that winter perches are generally smaller than spring or summer perches.

“Given the perch growth rates in southern Lake Michigan, I’d guess that the jumbo perch you’re talking about is several years old and most likely from a relatively strong 2015 or 2016 class. I can do it.

Why do perches usually return to protected areas (slips, harbors, Calumet River, Chicago River) in late November?

“We can only speculate that it may be related to food availability and/or protection from more severe conditions in the major lakes, especially young and one-year-old fish,” Santucci said.

Charlie Roswell, assistant aquatic ecologist for the Illinois Natural History Survey, is part of INHS’ latest “A Survey of Sport Fishing in Lake Michigan, Illinois.”

“High winds can drive anglers to seek sheltered areas, and long periods of high winds can increase turbidity due to wave action (anglers are concerned that turbidity may reduce catch rates). often attributed to the lowness.C. Roswell’s personal observations).”

The conclusions of the 2020-21 and 2021-22 winter creel surveys show what winter perch means for Chicago, “accounting for about nine-tenths of the estimated total perch yield. . . . This winter’s perch harvest represented a larger percentage of the total annual perch harvest than any of the previous eight winter surveys conducted since 1985.”

Santucci summarizes: Year. ”

wild ones

Again, there were numerous reports of Sandhill Cranes moving around Chicago over the weekend.

illinois hunting

Due to permit issues, the application deadline for the first lottery of spring turkey hunts has been extended to Friday.

Muzzleloader deer season is Friday through Sunday.When the harvest numbers for the second half of firearms season come, I’ll post them on

stray cast

“Yellowstone” reminds me of sturgeon spawning in the Wolfe River.


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