Judge rejects efforts to force federal government to pay legal fees for R. Kelly’s ex-manager


A federal judge on Monday dismissed a rare attempt by lawyers for R. Kelly’s former business manager Derrel McDavid to force the government to pay McDavid’s nearly $1 million in legal fees.

A long-shot motion filed in October by attorney Bo Brindley found the evidence against McDavid, who was acquitted on all counts by a jury, “irreconcilably contradictory and inconsistent.” , argued that he deserved to be paid after successfully defending himself against a “whimsical and capricious affair.” Overzealous prosecution. ”

McDavid was forced to incur $850,000 in legal fees and try to pay it off by liquidating real estate and other assets, Brindley said at the time.

Prosecutors said despite the jury’s findings, McDavid “stood by Robert Kelly for decades while he sexually abused young girls and produced child pornography.” He defended their lawsuit by writing,

U.S. District Judge Harry Reinenweber, in his four-page ruling, said prosecutors had good reasons to indict McDavid and that the allegations were “offensive, not frivolous, and even malicious.” No,” he writes. Legal fees are paid by the government.

“The jury evaluated the testimony, evidence, and reliability of the witnesses and reached conclusions on those grounds,” wrote Leinenweber. “McDavid argues that a government action is logically impossible, but the court has not and still does not agree at trial.”

A jury of seven women and five men found that 61-year-old McDavid conspired with Kelly and another associate, Milton “June” Brown, to sexually abuse an underage girl. It bought back the singer’s incriminating videotape and acquitted her of all counts, alleging that she rigged a child pornography trial in 2008. Located in Cook County. Brown was also acquitted of the single count of charges against him.

However, from the late 1990s, he made three videotapes of him sexually abusing his then 14-year-old granddaughter, and sexually misbehaving with two other minors around Kelly. The verdict was split as a jury found Kelly guilty of child pornography. same period. His sentencing is scheduled for his February 23rd.

McDavid was paid millions of dollars as Kelly’s longtime companion, according to trial testimony. is jointly owned by


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