Johnson presides over first city council, sometimes with self-deprecating humor


He took a selfie on the rostrum of the city council chamber with the city coat of arms in the background.

He remained on his feet throughout the three-hour meeting, listening intently to the speakers and legislative partners.

Throughout the meeting, he infused a lighthearted demeanor, sometimes self-deprecatingly, making fun of his own struggles with pronouncing people’s names.

Mayor Brandon Johnson presided over the city’s first city council on Wednesday and held its first post-court press conference, and did more than that.

He clearly showed how different he was from Lori Lightfoot, both in style and content.

By reprimanding the perpetrators and punishing everyone for Congress’ maneuvers to delay consideration of his own initiative, Mr. Lightfoot returned the council to convening and opening in less than 48 hours (sometimes late Friday afternoon). rice field.

Prime Minister Johnson has brilliantly executed a ruse to stall $51 million in surplus funds for Chicago’s immigration crisis. There was no downfall by the mayor. Not an ounce of malice. And he gave the council a week to reconsider, and scheduled another meeting for next week.

When Treasurer Scott Wagspak (32nd) was sacked, he stood up to congratulate the mayor and hope to replace Aldo. Pat Dowell (3rd), good luck, Johnson responded as well.

Mr Johnson had previously joked that he wanted to form a “three-piece suit” because so many men dressed up, but he said, “He doesn’t wear a three-piece suit, but he still It’s very eloquent,” he said.

Throughout the day, humor was Johnson’s calling card and tension reliever.

He opened the first meeting with a joke about Fox News, the conservative news network that controversially interviewed people in Naperville about violent crime in Chicago on the day of his inauguration.

“We have breaking news. This council meeting is being taped live from Naperville,” Johnson said.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson reads at Johnson's first city council meeting at City Hall on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson read at Johnson’s first city council meeting.

He ended the meeting with words of thanks.

“I just want to thank this organization for its welcoming spirit, or ‘Soul of Chicago,’ as I like to call it,” Johnson echoed the theme of his inaugural address.

“Thank you to the residents and voters who joined us today for their energy and effort. Thank you for your commitment to democracy.”

After the meeting, Mr. Johnson was questioned in the lobby about Chicagoans who were denied entry to the City Council Chambers and the glass-enclosed third-floor gallery above.

“I didn’t know that. I didn’t issue a proclamation to keep people out…I’ve been to a lot of protests at this building, so of course I’m not going to keep people out,” Johnson said. said Mr.

“I am fully committed to figuring out where the failure occurred and making it fully accessible to the people who actually live in the building,” the mayor said.

Towards the end of the 40-minute post-council press conference, Mr. Johnson even turned every joke into a joke.

“I didn’t want to give this breaking news today because my wife doesn’t know about it,” said the new mayor.



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