Isola dei Famosi 2022 15th episode / Direct, eliminated: Aperitif for castaways!


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Live Isola dei Famosi 2022: fifteenth episode and live commentary 9 May 2022

The moment of the reward test has come in which all the castaways chosen at random through an extraction will have to hold a quantity of mud proportional to the weight of the castaways for four minutes and if they win the castaways will be able to enjoy an aperitif. The test was won by Roger Balduino who will be able to choose three companions with whom to share the prize: Lory De Santo, Marco Cuculo and Nicolas Vaporidis. On playa Sgamada Laura Maddaloni will finally be able to reunite with her husband. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Mercedesz Henger declares himself to Edoardo Tavassi

The arrival of Clemente Russo on Palya Sgamada has ruined the paradisiacal climate that had been established between Licia and Estefania, the two women did not like the way of the boxer who, after arriving on the island, took over the reins of the beach. Tonight the woman clarified the situation: “I found a somewhat arrogant attitude, I didn’t want to talk to him right away because I didn’t want to damage the climate of harmony. Meanwhile, on Playa Palapa the arrival of Mercedes Henger shocked all the castaways, especially Edoardo Tavassi who showed off all his skills in fishing and hunting for wood. The girl this evening admitted to the competitor: “It’s true, I love you”. Tonight Ilary Blasi wanted to test the castaway to find out if the feelings are true, trying to make her guess famous movie titles simply by imitating them, if the girl were to be able to guess the 4 titles the prize will be a chocolate cake, if instead should the castaway fail, the award will go to Guendalina Tavassi. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Laura Maddaloni eliminated

Now is the time to find out who between Laura Maddaloni and Lory del Santo will have to leave the playa palapa to move to Playa Sgamada. The castaway who will have to move is Laura Maddaloni who lost the televoting with a percentage of 15%. Before leaving the woman she gave her Judas kiss to Roger Balduino.
Ilary Blasi communicated to all competitors the presence of two leaders, one for men and one for women. The first to complete the whole course was 1:21 conquered by Alessandro Iannone, time beaten by Nick Luciani who totaled the time of 1 minute and 18 seconds in turn beaten by Roger Balduino who managed to complete the whole course in less one minute. After having conquered the role of Leader Roger Balduino will have to choose a competitor from among all the castaways men to be nominated and the competitor chosen is Edoardo Tavassi. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Nicolas Vaporidis against everyone

After reviewing the images of the quarrel between the two competitors in which the two did not mince words, Nicolas admitted: “We loved each other so much, we give a different value to relationships and friendship. For me he was the closest figure of a friend I had found here. ” Also explaining how the discussion was nothing serious: “It could have been resolved with a discussion, instead he loaded everything with buckshot.” Edoardo replied to the actor’s words saying: “You at the Nicolas house do not know him and he has not arrived there. He is false to death, he went to the other side to speak ill of us ”, concluding by saying:“ he disgusts Me ”. Guendalina Tavassi replied: “Nicolas behaved very badly with me. He just talked badly about me, my brother and Carmen with the other group ”. Valdimir Luxuria also intervened in the discussion of the castaways and wanted to give advice to the Tavassi brothers: “Do not always trust the things that others tell you”, while to Nicolas Vaporidis: “I want to give you some advice: laugh more, take a a little lightly “. Not only the Tavassi brothers, Nicolas Vaporidis also had a discussion with Laura Maddaloni when during the reward test of the last episode the castaways wanted to equalize in order to be able to all eat the same amount of food. The woman explained this evening: “For everything he accuses me of being unsportsmanlike.” Nicolas Vaporidis admitted: “What I expected is that she, as a sportswoman, would be the first to say no”. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Blind in the infirmary, “He’s fine”

Tonight’s episode of the Island of the Famous 2022 promises to be full of clashes and discussions between all the castaways. Two leaders will be elected tonight, one from the female competitors and one from the male competitors. As soon as he got the connection with the palapa, Ilary Blasi immediately asked Alvin about the state of health of Blind who will not be present in the episode tonight. The envoy immediately reassured everyone by saying: “He has been in the infirmary since yesterday, and they prefer to keep him away from the sun and salt water for three days. Nothing serious”. Subsequently Ilary Blasi wanted to speak with Nicolas Vaporidis after the competitor had a discussion with Edoardo Tavassi with whom he had formed a good friendship. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Isola dei Famosi 2022: previews and direct fifteenth episode

Monday 9 May, in prime time, new appointment with theIsland of the Famous 2022 which will keep the viewers company until June 27th. Ilary Blasiwith Nicola Savino and Vladimir Luxuria, thus leads the fifteenth episode of the reality show which will be full of discussions, comparisons, surprises and twists. In the last episode, in Honduras, they landed Fabrizia Santarelli, Maria Laura De Vitis and Mercedesz Henger. All three castaways spent the first few days with the other competitors, but tonight, one of them will have to leave the Palapa to disembark in Playa Sgamada.

Ilary Blasi, tonight, will ask the castaways to save only one of the three new competitors. The other two, on the other hand, will compete with a flahs televoting: the winner will be able to continue her adventure with the other castaways while the loser will have to reach Playa Sgamada. Which castaway will be saved by the other competitors?

Duel between Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro Iannoni on the Island of the Famous

During the fifteenth episode of the Island of the Famous 2022, Alessandro Iannoni who, in the past few hours, let himself go to tears after receiving the letter from his father, will be the protagonist of a special duel with his mother Carmen Di Pietro who is increasingly worried about the presence, on the island, of Fabrizia Santarelli, Maria Laura De Vitis and Mercedesz Henger.

Up for grabs there will be a dinner by the sea and the possibility of deciding who to have it with: Alessandro who particularly appreciated the arrival of the new castaways, will be able to beat mother Carmen and win the dinner that he could share with one of the three beautiful new entries. ? How will Carmen react in the face of a possible victory of her son?

Two leaders for the Island of the Famous 2022

Another important novelty of the evening will be the election of two leaders: a man and a woman. A twist that will certainly change the already precarious balance of‘Island of the Famous 2022. Who will be able to win the race and consequently also gain immunity? Space, then, to the outcome of the televoting between Lory Del Santo and Laura Maddaloni. One of the two will have to leave the Palapa and will reach Playa Sgamada where the new eliminated will be decreed.

Which, among the castaways of Plata Sgamada will have to definitively abandon the Island of the Famous 2022? Who will return to Italy saying goodbye to the dream of officially returning to the castaways?



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