Irregular 3 consecutive holidays on fishing days


An irregular three-game winning streak comes around Chicago fishing on Saturday.

Fishing resumes on Heidecke Lake and smelt nets open in Chicago. This year, Illinois’ spring inland trout season, which begins on the first Saturday in April, begins on the same day. Last Saturday, April 1st he was in 2017 and before that he was in 2006.

• Smelt netting seems to continue as a shadow of Chicago heritage.

Ralph Tinley, research fisheries biologist with the US Geological Survey, said in an email. Biomass density estimates of 0.29 for acoustic surveys and 0.12 for autumn trawling surveys are well below the 1973-1993 average indexed for bottom trawling (3.7 kg/hectare). Nothing from our survey indicates a different trend for southern Lake Michigan.”

I sent an email to Vic Santucci, Lake Michigan Program Manager at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and found that only three smelt were caught during the spring gillnet survey.

The last rainbow smelt seen on the net during opening night on Chicago’s lakeside was April 1, 2019, by “Jumbo Jimmy” Bachek and his group east of Shedd Aquarium.

• Responding to a question about which fish is Heidecke’s star, area fisheries biologist Seth Love said in an email. Anglers will be satisfied with most Heidecke sport fish. If I had to identify three species, it would probably be smallmouth bass, walleye, and hybrid striped bass. ”

In a fall survey, 96% of adult walleyes were legal size, and 7% were over 25 inches. Although the investigated hybrid striper’s size distribution shifted downwards (possibly related to stormy weather), catch rates were six times higher than hers. Smallmouth had the highest catch rate ever in the survey, with 56% of adults over 14 inches.

Muskie — another Regal at 48.1 inches and 34 pounds was caught in the spring 2022 survey — also looks good on white bass and crappie.

• Common locations around spring trout areas are listed in the Midwest Fishing Report. Those over 16 years old need a fishing license and a trout seal. Up to 5 times per day.

• Four states in Lake Michigan require fishing permits for 2023 beginning Saturday.

Last year was another opener for inland trout as Fin Sanaksei showed rainbow trout in the snow.Photo provided

Last year was another opener for inland trout as Fin Sanaksei showed rainbow trout in the snow.

seasonal variation

Morell’s reports in Illinois have been stalled by recent weather.But Friday’s progress map is Illinois Morel Mushroom Facebook Page Found as far north as Marion County. . . my first spinach sprouts popped on Friday. Kurt Pazdro I sent you a message with a photo of the corner of the hut found in Shanahon. Jeff Norris I emailed a trail camera photo of a stag still growing large antlers in the western suburbs.

Shedding antlers with Shanahon. Credit: Curt Pazdro

Shedding antlers with Shanahon.

stray cast

The gambling story takes over as the topic of a changing station on sports radio. This is similar to how high dirty water and cold fronts affect fishing.


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