Inside Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ rider: ‘Starbucks-esque’ coffee (and lots of it); premium vodka; single malt scotch; and 19 rooms at a ‘first class hotel’

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Frankie Valli

Next month, 89-year-old Frankie Valli will launch a Las Vegas residency, playing the same famed venue — Westgate’s International Theater — that Elvis Presley and Liberace sold out.


Sixty-one years after his first No. 1 hit, about a crush named Sherry, doo-wopping Jersey Boy Francesco Stephen Castelluccio — or, as you know the Four Seasons frontman, FRANKIE VALLI — is still taking his show on the road … at age 89.

His timeless tour played the Peoria Civic Center last month, with a 23-song set that included all seven singles that reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts — “My Eyes Adored You” and “Grease” from his solo days; “Big Girls Don’t Cry” “Walk Like a Man,” Rag Doll” and “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” from his Four Seasons collection.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is the focus of Part 38 of Editor Jeff D’Alessio’s ongoing series digging into the details of entertainers’ tour riders, obtained from the city of Peoria via open-records request.

— First things first: “This band drinks A LOT of coffee,” the rider warns, so don’t skimp on the quality. It should be “good, strong, Starbucks-esque.”

— The Four Seasons don’t do economy. The hotel they’re put up in must be a “first class property,” located “as close to the venue as possible, with a full-service restaurant.”

— They’ll need at least 19 rooms — a one-bedroom suite close to the elevator for the headliner, 18 single king rooms and, if they’re traveling by bus, another single apiece for every driver.

— If they’re flying in, it will be to an airport with full jet service. “Our equipment will not fit in a commuter jet so we cannot utilize smaller airports,” the rider notes. “We will make every effort to bring all parties in at the same time.”

— Upon touching down, the following vehicles must be waiting at the airport: one sedan or SUV (“with professional driver”) and one mini-bus with room for 15 and baggage. On show day, the Four Seasons require a 15-passenger van (with driver) and a town car with driver to transport the star.

— Valli isn’t particular about his dressing room munchies (plain potato chips, popcorn, crackers and pecans will do) but is when it comes to his drink order — one bottle of premium vodka, one small bottle of single malt scotch (by Glenmorangie, Macallen or Lagavulin), one bottle of Merlot or Cabernet and a six-pack of Rolling Rock, to go with a bucket of clean ice and an assortment of highball and wine glasses.

— Food-related no-nos in the rider: veggies cooked in oil or butter, out-of-season fruit, trans fats, plastic utensils or paper plates at dinnertime and iceberg lettuce (“salads should be a blend of spinach, romaine, watercress, mizuna, mache, butter lettuce or arugula and vegetables”).

— For breakfast, two dozen eggs and an electric skillet should be left in the kitchen. “We will cook for ourselves,” tour management says.

— The touring party prefers hot lunches to cold ones, and dinners with three entrees, one of them being a grilled, steamed or baked seasonal fish (“not salmon”) that isn’t caked with breading or heavy cream sauce.

— “Food and atmosphere should be of the highest quality,” tour management notes. “The dinner meal should be served in a quiet atmosphere, free from other activities. All meals should be sit-down, catered and should not consist of takeout, fast or convenience-type food.”

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