Indiana funeral home pleads guilty to 40 theft charges after decomposing body found


Director of the Southern Indiana Funeral Home 31 decomposing bodies On Friday, the remains of 17 other people who pleaded guilty to more than 40 felony larceny charges were found.

Clark County Circuit Court Judge N. Lisa Glickfield has sentenced Randy Lankford, owner of Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center in Jeffersonville, to four years in prison and eight years of house arrest for a total of 12 years. said it could be

Mr. Lankford will be charged with theft for neglecting a paid funeral and will also have to pay 53 families a total of $46,000 in damages.

Mr. Lankford was released after the hearing and placed in house arrest. A formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 23.

Jeffersonville Police began searching the funeral home in early July last year after the county coroner’s office reported a strong odor emanating from the building. Unrefrigerated bodies were found in varying states of decomposition, some of which had been in the funeral home since March.

Clark County prosecutor Jeremy Mull said the numerous indictments against Lankford and existing court backups due to the COVID-19 pandemic are complicating the process. He said he feels a state action to remove about half of the counts would be the most immediate relief.

“We wanted to bring justice to these families,” he said.

Derrick Kessinger attended a court hearing on Friday. While the remains of three of his loved ones lay in the funeral parlor, he said he trusted Lankford.

“It was tough, but I forgive him for what he did,” Kessinger said. “I hope he gets forgiveness.”

Mr. Kessinger eventually received the remains.


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