Increase in immigrants entering the United States from Canada


On the snow-covered border between New York and Canada, the local sheriff’s office is asking U.S. Border Patrol to deploy more personnel in what locals call an escalating crisis. . At the same time last year he was ten times higher and anyone crossing the border is at risk of freezing to death.

About 2,000 migrants crossed the border between Canada and New Hampshire, Vermont and New York south through the forest between October 1 and February 28. There were only 200 in the same period last year.

Immigrants, mostly from Mexico, can travel visa-free to Canada and often reunite with their families before entering the United States illegally.

Last weekend in Clinton County, New York, Sheriff David Fabro’s team helped Border Patrol rescue 39 migrants.

He said responding to such a rescue would already strain his department’s resources to cover residents of a rural county of 80,000 that shares a border of about 30 miles with Quebec, Canada. I said I was running.

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