CHICAGO — A Latino-owned bar is shaking things up, by not serving alcohol on the menu.

In Good Spirits, located near Chestnut Street and Ashland Avenue, is the latest space to cater to the sober and sober-curious community. They offer a curated selection of non-alcoholic beverages like beers, spirits, and ready-to-drink mocktails.

“Being able to introduce a new lifestyle to consumers who’ve never thought about this. really makes me feel we’re doing something positive,” co-founder Hector Diaz said.

Co-founders and life partners Hector Diaz and Adriana Gaspar opened their brick-and-mortar shop in July to give Chicagoans another space to be in the community without drinking.

“It’s so ingrained in our society, it’s everywhere. It’s at events, parties, work events, golfing everywhere there’s alcohol,” Adriana said. “It’s amazing to see people choose this counterculture.”

Adriana has been sober for almost three years. She made this decision after her father died from COVID-19.

“So I decided that continuing this sobriety journey would be a great way to honor him,” Gaspar said.

For Hector, he decided to cut back on his alcohol consumption after a life-altering diagnosis.

“I had a tumor in my left kidney so I had to go into surgery immediately to remove it and it was cancerous,” Hector said.

The couple embraced their newfound sobriety and chose to reinvigorate social norms by launching In Good Spirits. They hope to change the narrative of what a fun night looks like and become a destination where alcohol is not necessary to socialize.

“I think we’re just getting started and I think other restaurants here and other entrepreneurs will probably agree in that space there’s more of a call for that,” Adriana said.