Illinois’ legal assault on smart new gun laws is a farce


When armed gunmen broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and shot dead 20 small children and six adults, many people finally came to an understanding of gun violence in the United States. I thought it might be.

But no. Ten years later, a cold-blooded gunslinger has invaded the safe haven and continues to kill and maim as many people as possible.

When you go to school, church, work, a concert, a party, a park, or a movie, you can’t help but fear being suddenly targeted by a butcher wielding a deadly weapon.

This injustice was highlighted by Tina Svondels of The Sun-Times. He reported that the attorney who helped overthrow New York’s concealed-carrying law is now challenging new sensible restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition depots in Illinois. Lawsuits relating to the National Rifle Association. The Illinois Rifle Association has filed its own federal lawsuit, and others have been filed in state court.

These ruthless attacks on Illinois’ new laws are coming just as 18 people died this week in the communities of Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, California.As a South Shore mother and daughter died in a shooting Monday afternoon, while three others were injured. 12 injured A mass shooting occurred in a Baton Rouge lounge on Monday.

Is there any doubt that going to court to override gun control laws designed to protect people will lead to more needless deaths?

Why can’t we live in a society where we can watch our loved ones walk out the door and not worry about a bullet killing them before we meet again?

Why not enjoy a meal at a restaurant and not worry about someone in a bulletproof vest starting shooting at the place?

Why wouldn’t you risk getting a stray bullet from someone who shot you while walking the streets of Chicago, sitting on your porch, or throwing your child’s birthday party? Seven people died and 26 were injured. On Monday, he had two more killed and five more wounded. If gun deaths and injuries were not so common, people would be shocked and horrified by such devastating news.

by Gun Violence ArchivesAs of Wednesday, 2,937 people have already been killed by guns this year. 40 mass shootings.

Why are we sitting on the sidelines when the law is being twisted to give gunmen the right to kill us? As Americans with revered ideals the world envy, Why should we allow the forces of gun violence to see us as nothing more than potential fodder for their arsenal?

Isn’t our life and health more than that? Don’t you understand how poor regulation is killing people?

America now has more guns than people. Did it make us safe? Or are people dying every day?

Let’s hope the court will finally come to its senses. Let’s hope the courts start saying “No, that’s not what America is all about,” when lawyers show up and have arcane legal arguments that result in the death, pain, and lifelong pain of those left behind. Let’s hope lawmakers at all levels seek sensible new laws that will continue to make it more difficult for people to shoot others.

The flowers of countless impromptu remembrances have long since withered away, and the voices of mourning are calling to us. Maybe our country didn’t come to its senses after Sandy Hook.

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Written by Natalia Chi

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