Illinois Coronavirus Update: State Level Drops, Immunocompromised Warnings


Concerns over the so-called “Kraken” COVID variant linger, but virus levels in Illinois remain lower than expected.

But experts warn of immunodeficiency as the new variant has forced the end of major antibody treatments.

Here’s what else you should know about the coronavirus pandemic across Illinois today.

WHO says COVID remains a global emergency, but pandemic could come to an end in 2023

The World Health Organization on Monday said COVID-19 remains a global health emergency as the world enters the fourth year of the pandemic.

But WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he hopes the world will emerge from the pandemic emergency this year.

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CDC urges people with weak immune systems to take extra precautions after COVID subvariant knocks out Evusheld

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday urged people with weak immune systems to take extra precautions to avoid COVID after a major Omicron variant knocked out a major antibody treatment.

According to the CDC, these precautions include wearing high-quality masks and social distancing if you can’t avoid crowded indoor spaces.

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Illinois COVID community levels drop for another week as ‘Kraken’ variant concerns remain

Community levels across Illinois have improved within the past two weeks, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but health officials continue to closely monitor the spread of the more contagious ‘kraken’ variant. increase.

A total of 20 counties had a moderate COVID status on Friday, compared with 28 counties that were listed with a high status of either moderate or high a week earlier, according to CDC data. bottom.

All Chicago-area counties are listed in the “Low” category, while clusters of counties with “Medium” status are listed in the eastern, northwestern, and southern parts of the state.

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FDA withdraws Evusheld’s COVID antibody treatment because it is ineffective against 93% of subvariants

The Food and Drug Administration withdrew its license on Thursday AstraZenecaEvusheld is an antibody injection that people with weakened immune systems rely on for extra protection against COVID-19.

The FDA has withdrawn Evusheld from the market because it is ineffective against over 90% of the COVID subvariants currently prevalent in the United States.

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FDA adviser backs plan for annual COVID shots for most Americans

The United States is ready to make COVID-19 vaccinations like the annual flu shot. This is a major shift in strategy, even as it raises many questions about how best to defend against a virus that is still rapidly mutating.

The Food and Drug Administration asked science advisers on Thursday to help lay the groundwork for most Americans to switch to annual boosters.

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Omicron booster shots offer some protection against mild illness from Covid XBB subvariant, CDC says

Pfizer‘sand ModernaA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study released Wednesday found that Omicron boosters reduced the risk of mild illness from the XBB family of subvariants compared to people who weren’t vaccinated.

The CDC study provides the first estimate of the real-world efficacy of Omicron Shot against the XBB family of subvariants. Some scientists warn that the XBB variant is so good at evading antibodies that block infection that it could trigger another Covid wave.

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Which symptoms are associated with the new COVID variant XBB.1.5 as cases increase in the Midwest?

With the highly contagious new XBB.1.5 COVID variant now accounting for nearly 50% of cases nationwide, and cases rising in the Midwest, what symptoms should I watch out for?

A new, highly contagious COVID variant, dubbed XBB.1.5, nearly doubled in prevalence in the Midwest last week.

The variant now accounts for 49.1% of cases in the United States and more than 23% of cases in the Midwest, up on both indicators from 43% and about 14% the previous week. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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