With less than two weeks from the end of the government’s fiscal year, a divided House of Representatives could cause the United States to go into a government shutdown.

Chicago Congressman Danny Davis and other lawmakers will return to Washington, D.C. on Monday. But before departing, he and other elected state officials gathered to speak about how upcoming national decisions could impact Illinois.

“Here we go saying ‘No, let’s shut it down. No, let’s keep it open.’ Let’s be reasonable,” said Davis at a press conference on Sunday.

Davis says he wants to warn his constituents that they could lose funding for necessary services if House Republicans don’t deliver a budget soon.

“They are holding hostage the rest of the country saying if we don’t get our way, if we don’t put politics over people, then we are going to make it impossible to function,” he said.

“Federal dollars trickle down from the feds to the state. We’re talking about preschool, we’re talking about healthcare, hospital funding, we’re talking about Medicare, the congressman (Davis) mentioned social security checks,” said Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter.

Hunter says she stands by Democrats and believes they are doing what they can to fight the risk of losing what residents need.

“I’m calling on Speaker Kevin McCarthy,” said Davis.

Many people, including Davis, are pointing fingers at House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy recently told reporters that representatives would remain in session until legislation is agreed upon.

Lawmakers, alongside Davis, want their colleagues on the other side of the aisle to call on their federal representatives.