If Putin saw their tanks destroyed in this way, he would be saddened


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Russia does not want its diamonds to fund war before Botswana’s international diamond summit, writes Reuters.

According to the Kimberley Process (KP), which regulates the global circulation of rough diamonds, the situation paralyzes the body, which makes its decisions by consensus.

The United States and Britain have already sanctioned Russia’s Alrosa, the world’s largest diamond producer, which accounted for about 30 percent of global production last year and is partly state-owned.

The draft agenda for 20 May included an hour-long agenda item to discuss the issue, but the item was deleted following protests from Russia, Belarus, the Central African Republic and Kyrgyzstan.

We are in a stalemate, Botswana KP President Jacob Thamage said in a letter to members on 9 June calling on them to find a common position.

The KP defines “bloody” diamonds in conflict as gems used to fund rebel movements seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

Marking Russian diamonds as an official “conflict diamond” would require an extension of the definition. The KP Civil Society Coalition and some KP member states have been calling for this change for years.


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