If “FUBAR” tells Arnold a bad joke, he’ll quickly come back with another joke



The alleged humor in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-led Netflix action-comedy series FUBAR is so gross, corny, and groan-inducing that we really don’t know how Arnold and his talented ensemble cast are. , feel pain after finishing a boring line. another.

Consider the scene in which veteran CIA operative Luke (Schwarzenegger) and Luke’s daughter and government spy Emily (Monica Barbaro) are told they must be treated by Dr. Louis Pfeffer (Scott Thompson). Let’s. We already have a “doctor”. Pfeffer’ appeared in the ‘Hamptons’ episode of ‘Seinfeld’ almost 30 years ago, and it’s okay. Because “Dr. Pfeffer” sounds almost like “Dr.” Pepper,” Luke and Emily say in a pop joke.

Emily: “Do you think we can climb this mountain together?”

Dr. Pfeffer: “I see what you’re doing. You put soda’s name in your conversations.”

Luke: “I have no idea what you’re talking about. You must be Fantasizing.”

Emily held out her finger to the Doctor and said “Shasta”.

what? what are we doing here? I found myself expecting the original Terminator to visit this particular timeline and erase the script so that everyone could start over again, this time with originality.

In the dusty setting of Schwarzenegger’s first scripted television series, Luke is on the verge of leaving the CIA when he learns that his daughter Emily is also in the CIA. All this time, neither knew what the other did for a living. Luke’s colleague Barry (Millan Carter) explains to Emily: They put it in a place where we would never pass each other, which is nearly impossible since you both work for the same local office. ”

Hmm. I took

FUBAR | Official Trailer | NetflixFUBAR | Official Trailer | Netflix

The main storyline of “FUBAR” (similar to “F-ed Up Beyond All Recognition”) involves megalomaniac militia leader Bolo (overacted Gabriel Luna) in a “suitcase-shaped nuclear bomb”, This includes efforts by authorities to thwart attempts to control the aka “bomb.” It’s a weapon of mass destruction that you can take anywhere,” Luke says. And understand this. Luke killed his father long ago, a Boro crime boss. Bolo has since grown into an even more ruthless and bloodthirsty psychopath. This is basically the same plot you got with “Fast X”. how is it!

“More problematic than Sports Illustrated” as we endure unflattering references to Lilo & Stitch, Starsky & Hutch, Ocean’s 8, and Frozen It’s a 1980s sitcom level when you cringe at such lines. A subplot involves Luke setting up a surveillance device at his ex-wife’s boyfriend’s house, making Luke an unlikely sympathetic character. Luke grunts and casts a menacing glance at Emily’s milkettoast boyfriend (Jay Baruchel), who has no idea Emily is in the CIA. And it would be an omission not to mention the scene in which Arnold’s old friend Tom Arnold appears as a decidedly insane person. A person who administers excruciating medical procedures to kidnapped victims who are not even given anesthesia.

“FUBAR” is a violent, virtually laughless disaster filled with cheesy sexual humor, standard action sequences, and paper-thin characters. Approach the helicopter and escape from it quickly.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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