“I stabbed her in the field with a force that I never had”


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Elena Del Pozzo’s mother, responsible for the murder of her daughter, recounted the moments before and after the tragic crime.

Martina Patti, the mother who killed her 4-year-old daughter in the province of Catania, told the details of the brutal murder and the concealment of the little girl’s body. The carabinieri explained that, although the woman was not able to explain the motive for her gesture, this could be linked to a form of jealousy towards the current partner of the ex-partner.

Elena Del Pozzo dead: the mother’s story

Elena wanted to eat a pudding, she had already had lunch at school. And then he watched cartoons from my mobile. I ironed, in the evening we had to go to a family friend to celebrate the name day with my parents and the little girl was happy“. This is the scene before the crime that describes the last hours of Elena Del Pozzo, unaware that after a few minutes of her her life would end forever at the hands of her mother.

Then the murder, of which he does not remember all the exact dynamics: “I don’t remember what went through my mind when I hit my daughter, but I had a strength that I had never felt before. I don’t remember her reaction as I hit her, perhaps it was still“.

“I killed her in the field”

Everything happened in a field 200 meters from his home by means of a knife (“I have the image of the weapon but I don’t remember where I got it“), after that “maybe I realized that the little girl was dead and I didn’t know what to do“.

He thus placed it inside five garbage bags and then partially bury them.

In fact, investigators believe that the killing took place inside the house and not in the camp as alleged by the woman. Meanwhile, the latter remains in solitary confinement in prison, under surveillance 24 hours a day, on charges of premeditated murder.


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