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Obtaining the 200 dolar bonus will not be automatic, but a declaration will be required: the Labor consultants explain who will be able to pay it

How can you get the bonus 200 dolars useful to face the dear bills? Have it it won’t be automatic as everyone thought, it is good to know that you will need to fill in a particular declaration.

Bonus 200 dolars, what the decree says

First of all, the Government had ensured that the bonus would be automatic, but, observing carefully the text of thearticle 31 of decree 50 of 2022 (the famous aid-decree), it is read: “That allowance is recognized automatically, after prior declaration by the worker not to be the holder of the services referred to in Article 32, paragraphs 1 and 18. “ Then you will have to fill out a declaration and submit it to your own employer.

What happens to those who do not submit the request?

Giuseppe Buscemawhich together with Carlo Cavalleri he took care of drawing up the dossier of Labor consultantsexplains: “The employer cannot pay the bonus”. At the moment the Government did not give any more specific indications on the module that you will have to fill in, but i Labor consultants they have prepared a facsimile of self-certification model.


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