How much can you pay for better seats at the cinema? AMC Theaters announces new seating pricing plans


Middle seats have gone up in price in many US movie theaters.

AMC TheatersAt America’s largest movie theater chain, seats in the middle of the auditorium are a dollar or two more expensive, but front row seats are a little cheaper.

According to AMC, a pricing plan called “Sightline” has already been rolled out in some locations and will be implemented in all domestic AMC theaters during screenings after 4 p.m. by the end of the year.

Seats categorized as “standard visibility” will be charged at regular prices. If you want to save on “Value Sightline” seats, you’ll need to be a member of AMC Stubs, the chain’s subscription service.

As cinemas attempt to recover from the pandemic, exhibitors are increasingly turning to variable pricing methods. This includes surcharges for popular movies like “Batman” during the first week of release.

Last weekend, Paramount Pictures partnered with the theater chain to drop tickets for the comedy 80 for Brady slightly. And last year, when theaters dried up, tickets to National Cinema Day were $3 at most theaters.

But for the most part, movie tickets are skyrocketing, especially considering the big screen and 3D presentations. The average 3D premium format ticket for Avatar: Path of Water, the biggest box office hit in recent years, was around $16.50.


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