Horrifying details have surfaced that a Colorado dentist killed his wife with poison.


Colorado dentist charged with poisoning wife, charged with murder

Colorado dentist charged with poisoning wife, charged with murder


Police believe a Colorado dentist laced his wife’s pre-workout protein shake with arsenic and cyanide, ultimately killing his spouse, according to court documents. a suspected conspiracy “A brutal, complex and calculated murder”

Craig, 45, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of first-degree murder shortly after his wife died after being taken off life support during a third hospital visit this month. He is represented by the office of a public defender and will not comment on the case, according to court records.

Craig is expected to appear in court on Thursday to find out if prosecutors have decided to charge him.

With Angela Craig emaciated in the hospital and doctors unable to figure out what was wrong with her, police in the Denver suburb of Aurora said her husband had flown in to visit with him. Craig’s dentist partner and friend, Ryan Redfern, became a nurse, and Craig took a job, according to an arrest warrant summarizing evidence gathered by investigators. Police launched an investigation into Craig after he told him he had ordered potassium cyanide even though he didn’t need it.

After googling questions like “Is arsenic detectable at an autopsy?”, investigators said one of the protein shakes Craig regularly made for his wife for his workout on March 6. and after she survived, he believes he ordered an emergency shipment of potassium cyanide, which he told the supplier he needed for the operation. , was discovered and eventually disclosed to the authorities because it was opened by another employee.

A delivery of oleandrin, the third substance he is accused of ordering, was intercepted after authorities launched an investigation into him, the documents say. Oleandrin is a toxic substance found in oleander leaves.

Craig told Redfern that he ordered potassium cyanide for his wife and told social workers that she had been suicidal and depressed since he asked for a divorce in December, according to the arrest affidavit. .

Redfern also told investigators that Craig was on the brink of bankruptcy and was having trouble with his marriage, according to the documents. said he drugged his wife with an unknown drug about five years ago.

It was the incident, Coffide said, that Craig mentioned in a series of texts exchanged between Angela and James Craig about her symptoms after she first fell ill on March 6. I believe. Given our history, I know that must have been the trigger. For the record, I didn’t drug you.

According to his arrest affidavit, James Craig wrote:

aurora police

According to the documents, last week, two days before Angela was declared brain dead, a female police officer said Angela was having an affair with Craig and wrote an email expressing sympathy for what he was going through. However, she said she didn’t think it was right to mingle with the people who had gathered to mourn Angela because “I don’t want to hide what I feel from you.”

“When questionable details of the case came to light, a team of officers and homicide investigators worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the victim’s sudden illness and death,” it said. Aurora Police Chief Mark Hildebrand said. statement“It was soon discovered that this was in fact a heinous, complex, and calculated murder, and the efforts of the Serious Crimes Homicide Division to solve this case and seek justice for the victims were reinforced.” I am very proud.”

according to Post job bios and videos online, Craig is married and has six children. He said he has been practicing dentistry in the Aurora area since 2006, having taught for his three years as an associate professor at the University of Missouri School of Dentistry.

family neighbor told CBS Colorado they were stunned.

Neighbor Karen Lucero said: “My children lost both parents at the same time, so I pray all the time.

Karen and Michael Lucero were friends with Angela and James Craig.

“I got the card and put together some money for my family. I just found out what really happened so I haven’t given it yet,” Lucero said.

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