Hidden Bunch, Sophisticated Tunnels: How Fentanyl Crosses the U.S.-Mexico Border


On the U.S.-Mexico border, a new battle is raging for the most dangerous drug law enforcement agency you’ve ever seen. With the help of technology, officials are working to curb the influx of fentanyl into the United States through extensive searches.

According to Mariza Marin, port director of the San Ysidro port of call between San Diego and Tijuana, 60% of the fentanyl seized in the US was found at US-Mexico border crossings in Southern California.

More than 65,000 vehicles pass through the San Isidro port of entry every day. Marin first identified fentanyl in 2008 and said it has skyrocketed since 2019.

To look for drugs, border guards use non-intrusive inspection technology that agents can scan as drivers pass through.

“We’re looking for hidden luggage in that car,” Mullin told CBS News.

Medicine packages can be hidden in various locations, such as gas tanks. According to Marin, the fentanyl package is the size of a brick and could contain hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fentanyl.

supporter trained dogborder patrol agents can search thousands of vehicles per day.

They look not only at where smugglers can hide drugs, but also who can carry them. . High and middle schools target minors who “have less financial means,” Marin said.

“These smugglers are offering $500, $1,000, big money, and they’re telling you to put this in your pocket, in your backpack, and cross the border,” she said.

Tunnels are also used to smuggle drugs into the United States.Earlier this year, a Homeland Security investigation uncovered a highly advanced tunnel 1,700 feet stretch From Tijuana, Mexico to Otay Mesa, California.

The tunnel had electricity and a small railroad track. Authorities say he doesn’t know how long it’s been in operation, who ran it, or how many others may be left.

Marin said even a fraction of fentanyl can have an impact on a community. Hope it helps.

“It’s an effort to use both technology, officer instinct, training and intelligence to really, really deter some of this illegal activity,” she said.


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