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Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skincare Brand Is Finally Here & I Have Thoughts


t’s finally the day. After months (years?) of teasing us, Hailey Bieber’s skincare line is finally here. Rhode is out with three products and much, much more to come. We’ve watched her use the glowy-skin products on TikTok and heard all about the way she enlisted other beauty founders for advice and really put her whole heart into this line. This doesn’t seem like a random beauty brand she just decided to put her name on. Rhode is a part of her. (It’s also her middle name.)

You’ve heard enough teasing though. It’s time to get to the goods. First, it’s important to know who Bieber is. She has sensitive skin and favors a no-makeup makeup look with healthy skin first and foremost. That’s what this line is about. It’s almost all fragrance-free (when that’s most important) and entirely cruelty-free with formulas safe for sensitive skin. The brand is focusing on “restoring and nourishing the skin barrier” a.k.a. healthy skin that glows.


Like Rare Beauty, there’s a charitable element, too. (We love these women.) Rhode has committed a minimum of 1 percent of sales to the Rhode Futures Foundation which supports women and their families through the Accion Opportunity FundBlack Mamas Matter Alliance and the LIFT Communities Family Goal Fund. I love that Bieber is doing this right from launch. It’s obviously an important part of her brand.

As for the products, they’re not super exciting but that might actually be a good thing. When it comes to healthy skin, it’s all about protecting your moisture barrier and not breaking it down with a high percentage of actives and acids and exfoliators. These three products won’t do that.

First, let’s look at the Peptide Glazing Fluid. It’s a lightweight serum gel that contains brightening niacinamide, plumping peptides, fatty acid-rich marula oil and moisture-locking hyaluronic acid. Apply this after you cleanse your skin and before applying moisturizer. It retails for $29 — a great price for what you’re getting here.


It seems a bit basic but the Barrier Restore Cream is what I’ve been loving on my own skin. As a woman in my 30s, I all of a sudden have acne-prone skin and hydration is the hardest part of my routine. This surprisingly rich moisturizer contains what looks like zero pore-clogging ingredients. I know Bieber has dealt with breakouts in the past so I’m sure this is purposeful. And it’s much appreciated.

Barrier Restore Cream also contains niacinamide and peptides, as well as hydrating shea butter, soothing squalane and antioxidant-rich açaí. The $29 price tag is especially great here. There’s not a lot on the market for this price and these ingredients.


Finally, there’s the last product in the launch and the most, well, boring. Sure, I love lip balm as much as the next millennial but I need something more from this brand considering the hype. Still, Peptide Lip Treatment is nice. It contains shea butter, peptides, capuaçu and babassu, which all amounts to a very hydrating, softening and even skin-protecting formula. It’s $16 and comes in Fragrance-free, Salted Carmel and Watermelon Slice.


As I said, it’s nice. I just wanted an eye cream or toner or face wash — something to give this line a well-rounded feel. I guess I just have to be patient because there’s so much more to come from the brand. Soon, we’ll have an entire skincare routine to get that donut-like, glazed skin look Bieber does so well. Grab all the products on the Rhode website now.


What do you think?

Written by Natalia Chi

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