Goldie Hawn recalled making contact with “two or three” extraterrestrial beings who “touched” her face when she was 20 years old. 

The 77-year-old actress noted that she had “never shared this story” as she recounted her experience during the latest episode of the Apple Fitness+ audio experience “Time to Walk.” During the episode, Hawn remembered wishing to be visited by extraterrestrials while she was working as a dancer in Anaheim, California. 

“That was a time when, you know, there was a lot of UFO sightings,” the Academy Award winner said. “I remember this so clearly. I went outside my door, and I sat on the little ledge, and I looked up at the dark sky. And I saw all these stars. And all I could think of was, How far does this go? How little are we? Are we the only planet in the whole wide universe that has life on it?”

She continued, “I said, ‘I know you’re out there, I know we’re not alone, and I would like to meet you one day.’”


About “three or four months later,” Hawn recalled that she was dancing in West Covina, California, “which is very close to a desert.” The “Overboard” star said that she asked one of her best friends if she could take a nap in his car after she became “very tired” during a rehearsal.


Actress/director/producer Goldie Hawn attends Glamour’s 25th Anniversary Women Of The Year Awards at Carnegie Hall on November 9, 2015 in New York City. (Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

“I don’t know why I said that,” Hawn mused. “I don’t know why I didn’t just lie down on the bleachers.” After getting into her friend’s car and preparing to sleep, the actress said that she heard a strange noise.

“I got this high-pitched sound in my ear,” Hawn said. “It was this high, high frequency.”

The Washington, D.C., native then looked out of the car window and saw “these two or three triangular-shaped heads.”

“They were silver in color, slash for a mouth, tiny little nose, no ears,” Hawn remembered. “They were pointing at me, pointing at me in the car as if they were discussing me, like I was a subject. And they were droning.”


As she was about to take a nap in a friend’s car after a dance rehearsal, Goldie Hawn said she spotted aliens outside the window. (Credit: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

Hawn said she suddenly found that she was unable to move. “I was paralyzed,” she explained. “And I thought, Oh, my God. I want to get up. I didn’t know if it was real or not real.”

The actress said that she “finally burst out” of her state of paralysis. “It was like bursting out of a forcefield,” Hawn recalled. 

“Of course I go back to all the kids and stuff, and I went, ‘Oh, my God. I think I made contact with outer space.’”

Hawn began to wonder if she had simply dreamed the incident until “all these books came out” that were written by people who said that they also had experiences with UFOs and made contact with aliens. She remembered that the individuals described being paralyzed and hearing a high-pitched sound during their encounters with the extraterrestrials. 

“So I started looking at this as something that might be real.,” Hawn said.

Years later, Hawn visited the University of Illinois-Champaign, where she met an astrophysicist. During their conversation, Hawn told him that she believed she had an experience in which she was visited by beings from outer space.


Goldie Hawn initially assumed that she must have been dreaming but later began to believe that the encounter was real. (Credit: Maxwell/Bloomberg via Getty Images)


“‘I want to talk to you about that,’” the Golden Globe winner remembered him telling her. “‘I’ve been basically researching this for 25 years, and I’d like to know your experience.’” 

After he began asking her questions about the aliens, Hawn recalled that it was “like regression therapy.” She said that she fell “into a trance” and began to remember details about her encounter from years ago.

“They touched my face,” Hawn recalled. “They touched my face, and it felt like the finger of God.”

“It was the most benevolent, loving feeling,” she continued as she became emotional. “This was powerful. It was filled with light.”

Hawn went on to recount another paranormal event that she experienced while on a trip with a friend to the English village of Avebury a few years later.  

“It was a certain time when the crop circles would come up,” she said. “So now we were going out for me to learn more about them. What are these crop circles about?”

“The Christmas Chronicles” star then said that she had a dream about a valley across from a few small mountains. “And I saw these six lights come up over the mountain,” she recalled.  “I said, ‘Oh goodie, they’re here, They’re finally here.’” 

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The following morning, Hawn woke up and drove out to Avebury, where she was told that another crop circle had emerged the night before.

“And I thought, ‘Let’s go!'” she said enthusiastically. “We get to the spot, and, by God, I was standing on this hill, looking down over a valley that was dark.”  

She continued, “That was exactly the spot in my dream and — a crop circle of just a heart.”

“It wasn’t anything else. Usually, it’s the tree of life. It’s something geometric,” Hawn explained. “They all said, ‘We’ve never seen this before.’”

Hawn remembered that she began “freaking out” because hearts have always had special significance for her. “I have collected hearts my whole life,” she said. “I built a house of hearts. I have done everything with hearts. I looked at this and I thought, ‘I don’t know anything. But if this is a sign, I’ll take it.’ We’ll never know. I’ll never know.”

“And I kind of like it that way,” she added.

“We cut ourselves off from a lot of things if we’re continuing to deny something that we have no control over,” she noted. “There’s a lot of things in this world that we can’t see, but we can’t stop believing.”

“We can never ever lose our wonder,” Hawn continued. “It’s just no fun.” 

“It’s really an important aspect of being an adventurer, where nothing is impossible,” she concluded.

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