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She became famous thanks to the “Men and Women” program. Since that time she has grown a lot, especially on social media

A golden life. That of Giulia De Lellis is an existence that many envy. Success, television appearances and her work that often takes her to enchanting places. It happens this time too. Very young, but already a diva.

Giulia De Lellis (web source)

In fact, at the end of January he turned 26. Giulia De Lellis is therefore very young. But she didn’t struggle too much, nor did it take her too long to become famous. And, of course, with fame it is almost automatic that revenues from professional activities, from those hosted on TV, will also increase. The beautiful Giulia De Lellis certainly cannot complain.

She became famous thanks to the “Men and Women” program. Since that time she has grown a lot, especially on social media. Choosing her for a television broadcast could mean securing a large share of young audiences among the spectators.

One of the main works of his career so far is the book “The horns look good on everything. But I was better off without it! ”. A volume based on the breakup with Andrea Damante, whom De Lellis met during the transmission Men and Women in 2016. In a few months the book sold over one hundred thousand copies and at the end of the year it turned out to be the best-selling book in Italy on Amazon.

She made her debut as an actress in the web series Una vita in bianco, distributed on the online platform Witty TV and in 2021 she participated in Michela Andreozzi’s film Parents vs Influencers. In 2021 she is chosen to host the first Italian edition of the reality Love Island, broadcast on Discovery +. In short, her career is on the rise.

A “different kind of Aperitif”

Its presence is more and more recurrent. Over the years she has also been testimonial of some brands that deal with cosmetics and beauty. Her core business, therefore, remains that of influencer, which she does very well. Especially on social media. It is in particular on Instagram that Giulia De Lellis moves the highest figures in her personal balance sheet. There, in fact, the beautiful Giulia now has about 5 million followers.

Giulia De Lellis (Instagram) 11.6.2022 direct newsGiulia De Lellis (Instagram)

With these numbers it is inevitable that each of his posts is worth a fortune: we are talking about about 12,500 dolars for each post. Obviously this is an indicative figure, given that for each post it is possible to enter into personalized agreements and therefore, potentially, even much more profitable. But already like this, Giulia De Lellis certainly cannot complain. Of course, she is far from 53 thousand dolars for each post collected by Chiara Ferragni, but her revenues from her are worth 14th place in the Instagram Rich List 2020 ranking.

One of the latest posts in which the beautiful Giulia obviously shows her life of luxury portrays her for a well-known underwear brand. She on a boat, with gray jeans, but, above all, a transparent fuchsia blouse, as well as the costume peeking out under her. The result? About 65 thousand likes!


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