Giorgia Soleri, abortion at 21: “The gynecologist attacked me”


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Giorgia Soleri, abortion at 21: the gynecologist treated her very badly, bringing unfair accusations on her.

Giorgia Soleri, on the occasion of his first participation in the Bergamo Booksellers Fair, he gave a very intimate interview. Damiano dei Maneskin’s girlfriend talked about the abortion she had of her at 21, stressing that the gynecologist treated her very badly.

Giorgia Soleri: abortion at 21

Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, Giorgia Soleri talked about her life without filters. Wearing a T-shirt that says “free to abort“, She confessed to having resorted to termination of pregnancy when she was only 21 years old. She said:

“I was very young, I had mental health and financial problems, I didn’t have a job with certain income. The moment in which I interfaced with the healthcare world was an experience that was made to live in an extremely way negative“.

The story of Giorgia Soleri

Giorgia said that she decided to have an abortion because she had various problems, economic and otherwise. She went to a clinic in Brianza and expressed her will. Here, however, she found a gynecologist who was anything but understanding. She stated:

“I went to the clinic and I have been attacked from the gynecologist, who scolded me saying that we young people have sex without precautions and use abortion as a contraceptive, without knowing anything about my history “.

A terrible experience, which many women still experience today. Why is there a law, 194, if it is so difficult to enforce it? Soleri went on to tell what happened after that first meeting:

“A social worker investigates your family to see if there are any traumas that led you to have an abortion violent and intrusive questions to which you would not want to answer because, whatever the reason for the choice, abortion is a right. For seven days you have to postpone, you cannot have an abortion: it is as if the state said ‘I allow you to do this bad thing, you go to punishment for seven days, think about it, if you still have the courage to do it, that’s fine’ “.

Giorgia’s outburst on law 194

Speaking of the law 194 on abortion, Giorgia continued:

“There are women who abort without a sense of guilt, it is unfair to force them to live this experience in a traumatic way when it is possible to accompany them. Rather than an interview with the social worker, I would propose psychotherapy sessions. (…) The 194 ha huge gaps which should be taken into consideration. Instead it remains a law outside the historical period in which we live ”.


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