A 2-year-old child was fatally shot in Gary Friday night.

This is the fifth child who has died in Indiana this year after a child gained access to a gun.

This latest shooting occurred in the 2100 block of Georgia Street.

“When officers arrived, they were met by the mother who told officers that her three-year-old child had gone into her purse, which was in the bedroom, took her gun out and shot her two-year-old son,” said Commander of Supportive Services, Samuel Roberts of the Gary Police Department. 

Officers recovered a gun inside the home.

The two-year-old victim was shot in the head and died at Methodist Hospital in Northlake.

In September, a four-year-old shot himself in Gary after finding the weapon in a purse, and in August, a five-year-old Gary child accidentally shot and killed himself. 

Indiana does not require a permit for gun carriers, and Gary police are encouraging all gun owners to secure their firearms in a gun box or with a gun lock.

“Children are curious. They’re going to go in your closet, look underneath your bed, look for candy, and find guns,” Commander Roberts said.

Throughout the day, community activist Andrew Holmes distributed gun locks to residents on the street where the latest incident occurred.

“These are not accidents, its negligence, its child endangerment,” said Holmes.

The Mayor of Gary Jerome Prince and Police Chief Anthony Titus released a joint statement Saturday. 

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the two-year-old child who was so tragically taken from our community. We understand nothing we say will ease the pain these tragedies cause in our community.”

Gary police continue to investigate and would not comment when asked if a parent would be charged.