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here are the details. Furious Vanessa Incontrada says enough: this is too much, and it ends badly Chicago News

No one expected such a gesture from Vanessa Incontrada: This is how the host and actress muted those who targeted her because of her physical form.

Woe to you underestimating Vanessa Incontrada. His sweet gaze and charming smile can sometimes be replaced by the wild claws of a lion. And the Italian-Spanish presenter and actress just showed it off on her Instagram page.

Vanessa Incontrada’s response to her critics

The straw that broke the camel’s back was another misinterpretation of its physical form. The body of the host and actress, which has noticeably transformed after pregnancy, has once again become the morbid center of attention for some gossip. Fed up with so much unnecessary malice, Vanessa Incontrada decided to respond with a gesture that speaks volumes about her bravery and wit, and it will displace and surprise her—unfortunately many—his opponents.

After the official defense of her friend and colleague Francesco Facchinetti, it was Vanessa Incontrada who spoke in the last few hours and then moved on to the facts. Truth be told, our folks chose not to comment on the story openly, but after reading between the lines, they did post a message referring to the tragic event of which he was the protagonist and victim. But let’s go in order. The 1978-born former Barcelona-born model has intervened several times to highlight the importance of Body Positive, proudly flaunting her curves on the cover even though she knew she was facing an avalanche of criticism and insults. But after a few paparazzi shots of “Nuovo”, the situation got out of hand… In fact, there were people who advised her not to exercise because she never lost weight. And who

Vanessa Incontrata wrote, “One, two, three … and that’s it 😂😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻”, capturing her vibrant life from a weight room after a pleasant boat trip. . “People have no respect,” said one of the many fans, “Zelig” and “Festivalbar” darling, ready to defend her wonderful freckles with a sword.

It’s not entirely clear whether Vanessa Incontrada’s being as a gym athlete is just a “parody” or a genuine desire to “keep fit”, but as Facchinetti herself points out, that will be her thing too…that’s for sure. : “Vanessa” was and remains “great” in the eyes of her devoted fans.


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