From Sesto San Giovanni the story of Gianluca who killed and tore his father to pieces


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A dramatic crime news shook Italy on 12 June 2022. It all started this morning, around 9 when the police received a phone call. He is a man who asks for help and denounces himself: he has just killed his father. It is the story of Gianluca who, after committing the murder, asks for help and confesses: “Run, come here, I killed my father ”. These are the words that the boy, a 19-year-old student, used on the phone to ask for help. The phone call went to the 112 central All this happened in Sesto San Giovanni, the eastern hinterland of Milan. Gianluca Loprete, 19, student, clean record, suffering from mental problems and being treated by the local PSC, killed his 57-year-old father, Antonio Cristiano Loprete.

The 19-year-old turns out to be under treatment for years, since childhood, for severe psychiatric problems. The last access to the Cps di Sesto was last spring. The victim, a banker, with a clean record, separated from his wife, lived with his son Gianluca; while the mother, of Ecuadorian origins, is resident in Alto Adige. Nobody can find a single reason for this drama.

Gianluca killed and tore his father to pieces: the latest from Sesto San Giovanni

Gianluca, after killing his father, called the military to confess the crime in the family home opposite the hospital of the former Stalingrad of Italy.

When the carabinieri of the Sesto Company arrived on the spot, they found the boy in a state of shock still with a bloody knife in his hands. The mangled corpse was in the bedroom: after killing his father Antonio, Gianluca tore him to pieces. It is still unclear when the boy’s father was killed. Some neighbors say they saw Mr. Antonio around noon on Saturday, so he could have died between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.


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