CHICAGO — At age 14, Anthony Alfano has already developed quite the reputation just this side of Harry Caray and his ‘Holy Cow.’  

It’s a family tradition rich in Halloween lore for the Alfano’s.

Anthony has cerebral palsy and is dependent on a wheelchair. For years, Anthony’s dad, Tony, a lover of Halloween, would start designing his son’s Halloween costume in July. This year, however, the Alfanos had much less time to get things together after the family moved from Melrose Park to Memphis.

Their new neighbors noticed, too. 

“When Tony would be in the garage late at night…our neighbors were used to it,” Deanna Alfano told WGN News. “Luckily, we are in a new development where we don’t have too many neighbors yet but the ones that are there were definitely like, ‘What is happening across the street?’”

Naturally, the one who notices it most is Anthony.

“You can tell the excitement really starts to build,” Deanna added. “Then you know, once the make-up and costume comes on and he’s in full gear and starts taking pictures, he knows it’s time to shine.”

So, as a tribute to their Chicago Cubs, this year Tony made Anthony a Wrigley Field announcer’s booth featuring Chicago’s Very Own, the legend Harry Caray.

“This year, with doing the Harry Caray, it was like bringing home with us to Tennessee,” Deanna Alfano said.

So, from afar, Anthony and company will root for their favorite team. But there’s one thing the family doesn’t miss about the Windy City.

“We’re happy to miss the snow,” the Alfano’s said with a smile.