French bulldog stolen from owner at gunpoint at Portage Park


With her arm in a sling, Alicia Pierchara said what happened to her just 24 hours ago was terrifying and heartbreaking.

“I was lying on the sidewalk and they said, ‘You should be thankful nothing happened, they didn’t shoot you,'” she said.

The 64-year-old suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises at gunpoint in her Portage Park neighborhood. Her beloved French her bulldog, Peppa, was taken from her in a matter of seconds.

“He yelled at me to give me back your dog and I tried to fight him,” she said. “He put a gun here, here, and finally here (pointing at her head).”

Pierchara said he ran into Peppa around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday night while walking around Menard Avenue and Giddings Street.

“From a distance I could see someone walking, so I walked with Peppa,” said Pierrcala. “She was snorting at her, and suddenly she felt like something was pressing behind me. She asked me to give her the dog and immediately he told her I grabbed the dog of

Pierchara told NBC 5 that he fought the suspect and tried his best to protect Peppa when the robbers knocked him to the ground.

“My mother is obviously very brave,” said her daughter, Angelica Pierchara. “In that case, nobody knows what someone will do.”

While the suspect fled with the dog, neighbors rushed to help her. She rescued Peppa just two months ago.

“Still, I think she’ll come over and say hello to me, my Peppa,” she said.

Pierchara said Peppa had a difficult start in life and was used for breeding. She can’t stop thinking about herself and continues to share photos of her on social media in the hope that someone of her will find her.

“Give me back Peppa,” she begged.

As police continue to search for the suspect, Pierrchara and her family just hope their beloved Peppa is found safe and sound.

“Call me if you see Peppa,” said my daughter. “Her her take her home. We really want to bring her back with us.”

Pierrchara told NBC 5 that police found surveillance footage from a nearby camera and officers also recovered the suspect’s mobile phone.

It is unknown whether the phone was stolen. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Chicago Police Department.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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