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How is Ilary Blasi? Some suspect that there is actually something else behind his perfect physical form. Here because.

Beautiful, slender, and always very thin: Ilary Blasi can certainly boast an enviable physical shape. But is all that glitters gold? Someone suspects not …

Those doubts about Ilary Blasi’s physical form

A magazine reader throws the stone into the pond New Tv – this Edoardo da Rovigo – in a letter addressed to the very popular column by Alessandro Cecchi Paone. His doubt concerns the physical aspect of Ilary Blasi. Given that he feels a lot of sympathy for Francesco Totti’s wife, considering her one of the few conductors capable of doing her job with great naturalness, the reader observes that lately she has lost a lot of weight, and the last time he saw her on TV he almost made an impression. Hence the big question about her: what is happening to her? Could it have been the alleged crisis with the Pupone, which many have discussed in recent months, to have reduced it like this?

Alessandro Cecchi Paone first of all recalls that the health sphere enjoys absolute protection in terms of privacy, thus clearing the field of the temptation of easy inferences and morbid daydreams. Public figures are certainly no exception. Hence the invitation of the journalist and popularizer not to hypothesize health problems for Ilary, nor to quibble about rumors pink (however, always denied by those directly involved).

Our, moreover, continuously for choices that are not taken for granted. She also did it last June 13, when it aired on Canale Cinque, in the studio of theIsland of the Famousshowing off a Renato Balestra designer look, coordinated with a bandeau top and high-waisted trousers with a wide bottom, and an iridescent electric blue tone that certainly did not go unnoticed!

It cannot be ruled out, Cecchi Paone then points out, that Ilary Blasi’s thinness is the result of a personal aesthetic choice or a need linked to a new work project about which nothing is yet known. Between the lines, he seems to take an invitation to mind their own business and not always go nit-picking. From the series: live and let live. If that’s okay with you – and this seems to be the case – why poke your nose into completely free and personal choices? And to conclude, the journalist gives Ilary, the unforgettable Roma champion and their family a warm greeting, renewing the affection and sympathy of all time.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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