Fornero gravestone law on the Italian system


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As Askanews explains, “the outcome of the polls will inevitably have repercussions in the committees and in the halls of the Chamber and Senate. There are several potentially divisive nodes, on which the parties could reposition themselves looking at the political elections of 2023, focusing on issues that relaunch the identity of each one.

Tax bills, pensions and the minimum wage are making a comeback in the debate ”. In particular, the position of the League expressed yesterday by Matteo Salvini is cited, with the request for an “urgent and necessary confrontation with Mario Draghi and Daniele Franco on economic issues”. On the subject of pension reform, the former Minister of the Interior, as reported by Ansa, explained that “if the Fornero law were to come back into force, I think it would be the tombstone for the Italian system”. From his point of view, “thinking about the issue of a balanced pension reform is one of the issues on the table. We will talk to the government about this within the week ”. We will see with what results.


According to Federico Fornaro, “after the approval of the European directive on the minimum wage, there are no more excuses. Now Italy must approve it as soon as possible “. The group leader in the Chamber of LeU, as reported by Adnkronos, points out in fact that “we are the European country that has a huge problem for the low wages of male and female workers.

If we add to this that the salaries of Italians have not grown for decades, the myriad of fixed-term contracts, poor work, precariousness and illegal work, we risk a real social bomb. Social bomb that can only be defused with an income policy to protect the purchasing power of wages and pensions ”. For Fornaro “it is right that the government listens to all trade union and confindustria subjects in order to arrive at an introduction of the minimum wage that takes into account the specific Italian characteristics. Without wasting any more time, however, because we can afford everything except that the costs of the crisis are passed on to the shoulders of male and female workers ”.


Opening the work of the assembly of the CGIL of Potenza, Angelo Summa recalled how the problem of job insecurity also has to do with social security. “Just look at the 700,000 hires in the last year: 95% are all precarious jobs.

This means not only changing the material conditions of thousands of workers, but also questioning our public welfare system. Not only are the pensions of these workers, mostly young, in question, but also the stability of the social security system in general. this is the battle of all the battles that must be fought because it costs nothing ”, said the Secretary General of the CGIL Basilicata according to what is reported by


In view of the national CGIL demonstration scheduled for June 18 in Rome, Summa also explained that among the union’s requests there is “the lowering of taxation on salaries and pensions, because in this energy crisis 200 dolar one-off is a buffer measure. The CGIL will challenge the right of this country which are proposing a generalized flat tax, questioning the principles of progressivity. Faced with a public debt of over 2 thousand billion, the inequalities created by a system whereby those with a financial income pay less taxes than those who have an independent worker, to a tax evasion of over 100 billion, these issues that must find an answer immediate response by shifting taxation from employment and pensions to financial income “.

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