Fernanda Number Six, who she is and why everyone talks about the fan camped in Campovolo for the Harry Styles concert

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Have you tried searching for “#campovolo” on Twitter? Do so (at your own risk), after reading this article. The reason is simple: a smile will escape you, discovering something more about Fernanda Number Six. Who is he and why is everyone talking about him? The context: on the evening of today 22 July, one of the most awaited concerts in Italy will take place at the RCF Arena in Campovolo (Reggio Emilia), that of Harry Styles. Born in 1994, singer and actor, he made his debut in 2010 as a member of the boy band One Direction, selling millions and millions of records. But success alone is certainly not lacking. In fact, he currently has more than 64 million monthly listeners on Spotify, not to mention social media (only on Instagram he has 49.1 million followers).

WHO IS FERNANDA NUMBER SIX – His concert, as we said, is highly anticipated. So much that dozens of fans have literally camped outside the arena since July 17th. 5 days before the event. The news went around the web but also on the news, including that of Rai Uno. And that’s where it all started from. In fact, during a recent report on TG1, at a certain point a girl was shot shouting the name of “Fernanda Number Six” and then “Erica Number Ten”. “Six”, “Ten”, therefore “Sei”, “Dieci”, to indicate the finish number. There would, in fact, be very strict rules to be able to see your favorite from very close. Rules, of course, not create by the official organizers of the event, but by hardcore fans. And woe to not respect them! To clarify: those who arrive are assigned a progressive number, like when you are in line at the supermarket. Not only. A bracelet is also delivered and you are placed in a WhatsApp group. This creates a sort of hierarchy to enter the concert: curious self-regulation or total madness? To each his own idea.

DRAMA CLOSE TO FERNANDA – Obviously it is necessary to have the ticket, the real and official one, bought through authorized resellers. Imagine what happened when word got out that maybe Fernanda Number Sixnow become “the” fan par excellence, could not have accessed: “In what sense did she have a fake ticket and she couldn’t enter”, wrote a user this morning by reposting a tweet in which the girl announced that she could not enter. But then, like all fairy tales, there is a happy ending. “Fernanda has entered”, the announcement of the popular Trash Italiano page on Twitter. Rain of likes that are added to the many memes created these days. From a competitor’s rides Temptation Islandto the totally decontextualized statements/reactions of some television presenters: Fernanda Number Six has become the subject of photos and videos that make you laugh out loud.

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