Federal prosecutors could merge Jan. 6 riot cases against CPD Karol Chwiesiuk and his sister Agnes


Chicago (WLS) — A plea deal is underway, with plans to consolidate federal lawsuits against a Chicago police officer and his sister arrested on charges after the January 6th Capitol riot.

Court documents show images of Karol Čuwisiuk and her sister Agnes together in the Capitol, but the two were indicted separately.

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Agnes Chwiesiuk’s arrest came a year and a half after his brother.

Police were bloodied and the U.S. Capitol was out of control when shards of glass and fists were flying.

He was arrested in June 2021 and is currently on unpaid leave.

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His sister, who is pictured with him on court documents, was not arrested at the same time, despite asking federal agents, “Are you going to arrest me too?”

They came back for her – a year and a half later.

The brothers are now facing similar charges in separate cases, but authorities appear to have other plans.

First, authorities negotiated to plead Agnes Chwiesiuk guilty in a case consisting of four misdemeanors, including entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct, and demonstrating in the Capitol, according to federal court records. It suggests that it is inside.

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The prosecutor said that if judicial negotiations do not resolve Agnes Chuwisiuk’s case, the government will add her to her brother’s case “in view of overlapping facts” and file alternative charges. .

As reported in October 2022, Karol Chwiesiuk has refused a formal guilty plea from DC prosecutors. It’s not clear if a plea by his sister, or a joint lawsuit, can change that.

The trial is scheduled to start on May 5, but until then there was always a relative chance of pleading and the government was able to strike a plea bargain in most of the January 6 cases.

The number of cases is approaching 1,000 and there are dozens in Illinois.

Officer Chwiesiuk’s attorney told the I-Team that he would represent both brothers and sisters, but said a judge would decide if it was likely to be a conflict. All camps are gearing up for trial in May.


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