Fans, friends mourn the death of legendary radio personality Lynn Bremer


Fans and friends of legendary WXRT radio host Lynn Bremmer, large and small, are doing philanthropic and therapeutic work to mourn him at the age of 68 after a long battle with prostate cancer. I’m listening.

Braemer passed away on Sunday and led his colleagues at WXRT to host a memorial service for him throughout the day, starting at 10 a.m. when his show usually hits the airwaves.

“We’re here to pay tribute to our dear friend Lynn Bremmer in the whole world,” said host Terry Hemmert, who wrote a statement following Bremmer’s death on Sunday. “What we’re trying to do is we might lose it, and we might laugh off what we know because if we don’t, Lynn Because it kicks what we know.”

Braemer began his career in 1984 as the station’s music director. After making his way around the industry, he became the station’s morning host in 1991 before moving to midday in 2020.

During his tenure at the station, Bremmer made an indelible impact on those he worked with and entertained on the airwaves, creating a legion of supporters who were as excited about his achievements as the music he played. Earned.

“He didn’t suck energy out of the room. He brought energy into the room,” said colleague Marty Lennartz. “He made everyone he met in the room feel special.”

Its influence was felt deeply at the Nisei Lounge in Wrigleyville, long a gathering place for fans before Chicago Cubs games.

On Monday, the bar opened at 10am, allowing Brehmer’s fans to gather for the WXRT broadcast.

“He was the type of person I would turn to for things like this,” said one fan. “He taught us what to do.”

“I’ve only spoken to him three or four times in my life, but I’ve known him for years and he was the exact same person I heard every day,” another person added. .

In addition to music, Braemer was known for his “Lin’s Bin” segment and his love of the Cubs and the city’s food scene.

“He was our biggest supporter,” said Mary Kay Bonoma of the Illinois Restaurant Association. “He was known and loved throughout the culinary world here in Chicago. He had an infectious zest for music, food, and life.”

Bremer took a leave of absence from the station in July 2022 after doctors discovered that the prostate cancer he had been battling for years was spreading. He returned to the airwaves in November and has not lost his joy in his work and ability to connect with listeners.

he was 68 years old. He is survived by his wife and son.


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