Every Chicagoan can relate to this dad’s hilarious reaction to Marolt’s birthday shot


If you’ve lived in Chicago, you know what’s called the “Marolt face.”

Though unpleasant to many, it is known as the city’s rite of passage.

However, one father’s special moment celebrating his birthday was caught on camera, and his friendly reaction received a lot of attention on social media.

TikTok user @m.papag Posted video A father trying out popular sake for the first time.

“Cheers. Thank you for hosting my birthday,” I heard her dad holding up a shot glass.

He then smells the drink before taking a small sip.

The look on his face after that first sample is one of confusion, uncertainty, and perhaps an explosion of flavor.

“Chicago people know what’s going on,” the video’s caption read.

Even after his initial reaction, the man took an even bigger sip from his glass, showing the sensation that his beloved potent liquor was still in his throat.

Those familiar with Marolt know what an almost inevitable—and hilarious—reaction to a drink shot looks like, as the video comments quickly pointed out.

“As a Chicagoan, I would have known exactly what happened to that face without the caption lol,” one user wrote.

“If I’ve seen one, it’s a Marrott’s face!” said another.

Others complimented his calm reaction.

“Give this gentleman everything. He smelled, managed to smile, and was kind all the way through!” said one user.

“It may be the most genteel response to … the experience … of tasting Marolt for the first time,” said another commenter.

This liquor is known in Chicago as “Revenge Shot.”

Marolt’s “popularity” in the city began during Prohibition, when Carl Jepson distributed it as a “medicinal alcohol”. Since then, it has become an infamous drink that at first teases the taste buds, before cruelly turning into the bitterness of wormwood.

If you’re not familiar with Marolto’s face, Chicago Today host Matthew Rodriguez introduces you to another.


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Written by Natalia Chi

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