Eurovision, the singers in the parade and applause for Blanco and Mahmood


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The 40 delegations participating in the competition parade at the Reggia Venaria in Turin. The winners of Sanremo will perform during the final on May 14, skipping the semifinals. And they are not the only Italians in the competition: Achille Lauro sings for San Marino, Emma Muscat for Malta. Find out everything

Eurovision, let’s go. In Turin, the opening ceremony is a big party: the 40 delegations participating in the competition parade at the Reggia Venaria on the turquoise carpet (the red carpet is turquoise for sponsorship reasons), interviewed by Gabriele Corsi and Carolina Di Domenico. The most applauded? Our heroes Mahmood and Blanco, who did not disappoint expectations – photo | video 1 | video 2

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I’M ALREADY IN THE FINAL – Mahmood walks bare-chested, with a wide fuchsia skirt-pants, worn very well, while Blanco focuses on black and a transparent T-shirt. The singers have already done the first rehearsal, which was not generously judged by the foreign press. “They made us sing at eight in the morning, we went to sleep at 5,” they explain. “The next test will certainly go better.” During the ritual interview, an environmental activist attempts an invasion of the field, immediately blocked by the security. The two semifinals are scheduled at the Pala Olimpico on 10 and 12 May, the final on Saturday 14: all three evenings live in prime time on Rai 1 (and RaiPlay). Blanco and Mahmood will perform during the final: as happens every year, Italy skips the semifinals and goes straight to the final because it belongs to the Big 5 (Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain), the nations that supported Eurovision since its inception, in the 1950s.

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EMMA MUSKAT AND ACHILLE LAURO – At the show the sexiest is Emma Muscat, the former contestant of Friends competing for Malta, who presented herself in a Greek goddess version, with a peplum dress with deep slits and an exposed bra. There is also Achille Lauro (who bought the ticket for the race thanks to San Marino) in an unexpectedly sober version: black jacket and trousers, pink shirt, carnation pinned to the jacket (all signed by Gucci). Among the most extravagant, the Norwegians Subwoolfer, in black suit and yellow wolf masks (they never take it off, their identity is unknown) and the Australian Sheldon Riley, epigone of Lady Gaga first fashion, in total white with a feather overcoat .

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Goddess Verna



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