End Illinois Wildlife Killing Contest


A disdain for wildlife killing contests is common between Illinoisans who hunt and those who don’t. Usually held in January and his February, these gruesome events see contestants slay hundreds of coyotes and foxes for paltry prizes.

Once the killings are over, the participants pile up the bloody corpses for photos. The animals are then dumped — they are not killed for their meat, but powerful rifles render their pelts worthless.

A recent poll conducted by Remington Research Group, a respected bipartisan firm, showed that 73% of Illinois residents support banning murder contests. Illinoisians across the state will not tolerate the senseless activity that befalls wildlife. Competitors defy the ethics of fair pursuit, sportsmanship and respect for wildlife. These events are dishonorable and damage Illinois’ reputation.

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Experts from hunters and wildlife agencies across the country have denounced the contest as unethical, scientifically undefensible and a threat to hunting communities. Kelly Sueswind, Director of Fish and Wildlife, said: At the core of what our society supports. Frankly, if you’re condoning these kinds of contests, that job is a lot harder. “

Wildlife isn’t owned by a few people who participate in slaughter contests. Wildlife matters to everyone and our public policies should reflect that. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources must end these useless affairs.

Christine Pud, Third Lake

Follow other states in hunting contests

I was disappointed to learn that our state has a wildlife killing contest. These competitions paint a bad picture of hunters, the majority of whom do not participate in these events.

Participants perpetuate baseless myths to justify their actions. Slaughter contests are out of step with science and counterproductive to sound wildlife management. Killing coyotes randomly does not prevent them from colliding with livestock. Also, there is no decrease in coyote numbers or an increase in hunter deer or turkeys.

It’s just murder for “fun”, bragging rights and cash, and it’s unacceptable to most people. Join other states that have banned the event, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland and California. Please urge the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to ban this ruthless blood sport.

Sharidab, Killdeer

Blocking immigration is a throwback to worse times

It made me so sad to hear about South Side residents trying to block immigrants from coming to their newly renovated schools. Anyone remember the 1960s? Has it remained the same for over 50 years?

Janet Flores, Bellwood


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