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The spotlight of today’s six-page special section: Area schools earning “exemplary” recognition on their Illinois State Board of Education-issued report cards. The highest honor available goes to schools performing in the top 10 percent statewide, with no underperforming student groups.


Erin Nuss

Erin Nuss

1. As the assistant superintendent over curriculum and instruction, progress like this makes Erin Nuss‘ year: ISBE’s growth percentile metric — showing how schools compared to the rest of the state in the annual Illinois Assessment of Readiness test — revealed that GCMS Middle was in the 58.6 percentile in math (state average: 49.7) and 62 in English/language arts (state average: 49.8).

The takeaway: “GCMS Middle School students grew a lot in comparison to their peers,” Nuss says.

2. In 2021, 5.3 percent of GCMS Middle School students were considered chronically truant, meaning they’d missed 5 percent of school days that year without a valid excuse. In 2022, the figure fell to 5.3 percent. In 2023, it dropped to a level so low, it was redacted from the school report card, which ISBE does in cases where the group is fewer than 10 students, so as to protect their privacy.

This was all by design, Nuss says: “We really focused on communicating the value of daily attendance to families in the years post-COVID-closure.”

GCMS Jeremy Darnell

Jeremy Darnell

3. If not for the preparation middle-schoolers had during their GCMS Elementary days, Superintendent Jeremy Darnell points out, a second-straight exemplary outcome would be a much taller order. Plus, “our high school was within a fraction of a percentage point of being ‘exemplary’ again, and we are proud of their continued work as well. … I cannot overstate how proud we are of our kids, staff, administration, board of education and community.”

GCMS Middle School lead

The students and staff behind GCMS Middle School’s ‘exemplary’ report card gathered Wednesday for a team picture in the gym. That makes three top finishes for the district in two years.

Provided by Stephanie Blackwell

1-WORD ANSWERS: What makes GCMS Middle School exemplary?

11032023-1word-gcms Erin Lynch.jpg


Erin Lynch, Sixth-grader

11032023-1word-gcms Ryne Roderick.jpg


Ryne Roderick, Seventh-grader

11032023-1word-gcms Deanna Leitz.jpg


Deanna Leitz, Literature teacher

11032023-1word-gcms Michelle O'Neall.jpeg


Michelle O’Neall, Science, STEM teacher

11032023-1word-gcms Robby Dinkins.jpg


Robby Dinkins, Math teacher

11032023-1word-gcms Danielle Kirby.jpg


Danielle Kirby, English teacher

11032023-1word-gcms Torri Ferguson.jpg


Torri Ferguson, Library clerk

11032023-1word-gcms Ashley Schwenk .JPG


Ashley Schwenk, Math teacher

11032023-1word-gcms Carly Jurik.jpeg


Carly Jurik, Science teacher

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