Eating fruit is good for you, but pay attention to it


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Eating fruit, as we know, has positive effects on our body and this is why it is often recommended as a substitute for a real meal. Now that we have now reached the hottest time of the year, many will take advantage of it to eat this fruit, but is it really so good for our body?

In summer, you often have little time to waste and you prefer, thanks to the higher temperatures, to focus on faster meals without sacrificing nutritional benefits. Precisely for this reason, in many cases, fruit can be truly providential. This is able to guarantee our body the necessary vitamins and proteins without having to stay at the table for a long time. Not surprisingly, it can also be considered the ideal solution when you spend an entire day at the beach and want to spend hours sunbathing or with friends and family.

Summer fruit (web photo)

In a period like this it is possible to choose between various types of products, which are often appreciated even by the most fussy eaters. Just think, for example, of peaches, watermelon, melon and apricots, just to give some examples. In reality, however, it would be a mistake to think that all these elements contain only positive elements. Precisely for this reason it is good to be correctly informed to make a choice as aware as possible.

Apricots are loved by many: be careful not to eat too many

In this period many people appreciate apricots, which can be ideal both to stop a hole in the stomach and as a snack. It is also a fruit that is often used to make a tart, therefore also perfect for children, who can eat them with less difficulty.

But what are the reasons that should push us to periodically include them in our diet? These are first of all suitable for the presence of potassium, a mineral salt that helps the heart, as well as the muscles, to function and takes care of rebalancing the fluids in the body. They are also important because they guarantee vitamin C, useful for improving the condition of our skin and for regulating pressure and the cardiovascular system. Also not to be neglected is the possibility of ensuring beta-carotene for the bodywhich improves eyesight, as well as facilitating tanning.

apricots fruitPhoto | Pixabay

Apricots are also one of the fruits that are perfect for athletes. This is because they allow you to avoid drops in energy, as well as being easily digestible. And that’s not all: in the pulp we also find lutein and zeaxanthin, which are able to carry out a preventive action against cancer.

All right then? In fact, the answer is no. In fact, there are circumstances in which this fruit does not represent the best solution even when we are drawing up a diet in accordance with the doctor. Those who consume too many can in fact have a laxative effect and can run the risk of kidney stones.

It is also a food that should be eaten in moderation by allergy sufferers. This is the case of those that are defined “Cross allergies”, those that are generated following the combination with other allergens (such as pollen). This can happen, for example, when organizing a picnic, causing skin problems, nausea and, in severe cases, even anaphylactic shock.


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