DuPage County sheriff accused of not supporting assault weapons ban


Fellow legislators, state legislators and county commission members side by side, U.S. Representative Sean Casten Monday told DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick whether to retract his statement on the state’s new offensive weapons ban. He repeatedly asked me to resign.

Earlier this month, Mendrick issued a statement, believing the state’s new ban on high-powered guns and high-capacity magazines to be unconstitutional.

“Therefore, as a prison custodian and DuPage County Chief Law Enforcement Officer, neither I nor my office has a responsibility to ensure that legal gun owners have their weapons registered with the state, nor to comply with the law. We also do not arrest or detain individuals who comply, we have been arrested solely for non-compliance with this law,” read Mendrick’s statement.

Casten and other lawmakers Monday said Mendrick’s remarks were irresponsible and reckless.

“His actions will increase the likelihood of future mass shootings,” Casten said.

Downers Grove Democrats said they spoke with Mendrick last week before he and five other lawmakers issued a letter demanding that the statement be retracted. However, Casten declined to elaborate on the conversation.

In the letter, five Democratic congressmen with constituencies that include DuPage County asked Mendrick if there were other laws he chose to ignore, and asked staff to enforce other laws. I also asked him if he had instructed him not to.

“We want clarity now,” Schaumburg Democrat Rep. Raja Krishnamooti said at a news conference on Monday. “We need to know exactly what we’re dealing with, and we all demand that he enforce the law in writing.

“I just want to say out loud that my life is at stake and I can’t wait a day, I can’t wait an hour for the Sheriff to do his job,” he said. added.

Democrats on the DuPage County Commission who attended a press conference on Monday suggested they could blame Mendrick if he didn’t retract his remarks.Casten said other steps could be taken. but declined to provide details.

“We’re not going to let this die,” Casten said after the press conference.

More than 90 sheriffs from Mendrick and across Illinois have issued statements opposing the law, but Casten has focused on Mendrick because his district includes DuPage County. I said yes.

In a nearly hour-long interview on AM 560’s “Black and Light” radio show, Mendrick was critical of the arms ban, claiming he had not consulted the sheriff when drafting the new law. Mendrick also argued that the new law does not indicate what will happen after January 1, 2024, the deadline for gun owners to register their weapons, and questioned how states would enforce registration. presented.

“Not that we need a compliance check, but if there is no check, why are we doing this?” Mendrick said on a radio show.

Mendrick declined numerous requests for comment from the Daily Herald and was not immediately available for comment on Monday.

However, in a radio interview, Mendrick said his office does not have the staff to conduct compliance checks, which Mendrick said is currently short of 30 staff. He said previously he had a patrol shift of 18 delegates, but now he has only 11.

“If you go to the door to verify legal gun ownership, you won’t be able to answer 911 calls,” he said, adding that compliance checks would require at least three deputies.

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