(WHNT) — On the 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attack against the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, a popular sportsbook has apologized after receiving heavy criticism following a parlay themed after the events.

For a short time on Monday, DraftKings users had the ability to wager on a parlay titled “Never Forget,” which featured the New York Jets, New York Yankees and New York Mets all to win Monday.

For those unfamiliar with sports betting, at its core it’s exactly what it sounds like — you put money on an outcome and you get paid if that outcome is achieved.

However, there’s a lot of “lingo” that can be confusing. If a bet is on the winner of the game, that is called a “moneyline” bet. If you’re betting that a team will win or lose by a certain amount of points, that’s a “spread” bet. If you combine multiple outcomes into one bet, that is called a “parlay.”

The odds for all three teams to win was set at +651, meaning a $100 wager would have netted $651.

Following backlash to the parlay, DraftKings removed it from its sportsbooks and released the following apology in a statement:

We sincerely apologize for the featured parlay that was shared briefly in commemoration of 9/11. We respect the significance of this day for our country and especially for the families of those who were directly affected.


On Sept. 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people died when 19 al-Qaida members hijacked four commercial airline planes, sending two of the planes into the Twin Towers and one into the Pentagon. The fourth crashed into a field in western Pennsylvania, never reaching the terrorists’ intended target.

DraftKings is a Boston-based company that holds daily fantasy sports contests and sports betting. As of May 2023, the company reported a revenue of $770 million.

Currently, sports betting is legal in 30 U.S. states. However, not every state has the same rules. Some only allow “in-person” betting and some only allow “online” betting. You can find a map of where your state stands with sports betting here.