Local up-and-coming entrepreneurs are getting a chance to showcase their small businesses this week. 

It’s happening at the Walden in the West Loop.

Visitors will be able to browse and buy from these small businesses all in one location on Wednesday evening.

The pop-up market is sponsored by Chicago-based Sunshine Enterprises and 20 of their entrepreneurs are taking part. Sunshine uses this opportunity to help introduce small businesses to the public.

“We’ve been around 10 plus years supporting entrepreneurs in Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods, and we empower them to launch and grow their small businesses and not just for the purposes of launching their businesses, we’re looking for community transformation,” said B.J. Stewart, Executive Director of Sunshine Enterprises.

This event is also serving as a fundraiser for Sunshine Enterprises and their volunteer efforts.

To RSVP for the event, visit them on their Instagram page @Sunshine_Enterprises.