Direct Tour of Switzerland 2022 / Peter Sagan won the 3rd stage with a great sprint!


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Peter Sagan won the 3rd stage of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland. Beaten Bryan Coquard who tried to go and take him back but nothing could against the initiative of the Slovak champion, who started first and then held the wheel in front of the others, closing a splendid sprint. Third position for Alexander Kristoff, who was also mocked; the group in the final went to catch the fugitives who on the last descent tried to escape and keep the advantage, but then had to surrender to the chase of the platoon with the yellow jersey that gradually gained ground.

Bissegger was the last to give up, because in the meantime he had cut off the competition and left; he also resumed, however, with Geraint Thomas who in a compact group won the last sprint finish of the day. Then the sprint, with Sagan’s victory: in the 2022 Tour of Switzerland classification should change little, Stephen Williams, awaiting official status, retains his yellow leader’s jersey having managed to arrive together with the whole group, while the closest riders in ranking failed to take the necessary allowances to bypass it. (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


Missing less and less at the arrival of the 3rd stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2022: about 45 kilometers to the finish, and a situation that has not changed compared to what we said previously. Indeed, to some extent yes: now the six fugitives are on the descent that leads to Vauffelin, where there will be a third category GPM, and their advantage has dropped below two minutes. It therefore means that Stephen Williams would be able to keep the yellow jersey: Philippe Gilbert is among the six leaders the one with the least gap from the first in the standings, but we are still talking about 2’02 ”.

So, maybe with the bonuses Gilbert could be able to snatch the yellow jersey from the British but for the moment we are really playing it on the edge of seconds, and then in any case we would have to finish in the top three to have this possibility. In the meantime, the most interesting datum, precisely, is that of an escape that is resisting stoically; It is difficult for the six protagonists (including Manuele Boaro, as already mentioned) to make it to the finish line in this way but you can never say, so let’s continue to follow the live broadcast of the Giro di Svizzera 2022 with great anticipation and anticipation … ( adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


There live of the Tour of Switzerland 2022 it will be guaranteed in its decisive phase on the Eurosport channels, the European sports thematic channel available by subscription; consequently the salient phases of this stage will also be available in live streaming video through Eurosport Player or DAZN, in which Eurosport is included in the package.


The situation in the 3rd stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2022 has not changed since the last update: in the lead we always find the usual 6 riders who have already faced the first big climb of this day, being about 90 kilometers from the finish. For the moment therefore resist Philippe Gilbert, Quinn Simmons, Stefan Bissegger, Joseph Rosskopf, Manuele Boaro and Matthias Reutimann, cited strictly in order of classification; we have already said that Gilbert at this moment would be the virtual yellow jersey, he would in fact have about 41 seconds ahead of Stephen Williams who is part of the chasing squad.

At the moment the tread gap shows no sign of decreasing: we are 2 minutes and 43 seconds at the last time measurement, soon there will be a fairly long descent before a new climb and therefore, in the direct of the Giro di Svizzera 2022, this 3 ^ stage is really presenting us the perhaps decisive moment not only for the stage victory, but perhaps also for a new leader in the general classification. We’ll see … (adj. By Claudio Franceschini)


The direct of the Tour of Switzerland 2022 accompanies us in the first kilometers of the 3rd stage. Of course, we still have to get into the day, the path is interesting but, as we have already said, the men in the rankings will hardly find fertile ground to really make a difference. There are still 125 kilometers to go to the finish, for the moment they have gone on the break in 6: Philippe Gilbert is the one placed better in the general classification but pays 2’02 ” by the leader Stephen Williams.

Then we have Quinn Simmons, Stefan Bissegger, Joseph Rosskopf (already protagonist last year at the Tour of Switzerland), our Manuele Boaro and Matthias Reutimann who all have wide gaps, ranging from almost 10 minutes of the first mentioned to even 20’16 ” by Reutimann. At the moment, therefore, the yellow jersey of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland can remain calm: the escape certainly took almost 3 minutes ahead and therefore Gilbert would be virtually the first in the standings, but there is still a lot of time and certainly the group of pursuers will not stand. to look at the treads, wanting instead to get back under as soon as possible. Soon we will find out how the situation will evolve in the live broadcast of the 3rd stage … (adj. By Claudio Franceschini)


Finally everything is ready for the 3rd stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2022. Last year the third stage of the race was held on Tuesday 8 June: it went from Lachen to Pfaffnau, a 185-kilometer course that had changed the situation in the standings. Mathieu Van der Poel had won the previous day, trailing Maximilian Schachmann and Wout Poels by a handful of seconds; that day he had extraordinarily repeated himself, finishing first in the sprint after regulating the French Christophe Laporte and Julian Alaphilippe.

As a result of that victory, Van der Poel also took the leader’s jersey of the Tour of Switzerland, confirming it also the following day but then leaving it definitively to Richard Carapaz; Alaphilippe remained in second position in the overall standings, while Stefan Kung had been stripped of his yellow jersey and was 4 seconds late at the end of that day. Now we are really ready to get comfortable and find out what will happen on the street: the word to the protagonists of this Tuesday, the live broadcast of the 3rd stage for the 2022 Tour of Switzerland is really about to begin! (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


Approaching the 3rd stage of the Tour of Switzerland 2022, we obviously have to focus on the general classification after two days. We are still in a situation of equilibrium because, net of individual actions and some riders who arrived detached, for the moment there have been no great escapes with large gaps; Andreas Leknessund won the 2nd stage on Monday and did it with a good margin over his rivals, but in the general classification of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland he is “only” in fourth position with a gap of 7 seconds from the leader.

The first in the ranking is still Stephen Williams, winner of the first stage: the British from Bahrain-Victorious had imposed himself in the sprint, but the group had arrived fragmented and this allowed him to remain in the lead after two days. Place of honor for Maximilian Schachmann of Bora-Hansgrohe, 4 seconds behind; with 6 seconds of margin we find Andreas Kron, then precisely Leknessund who precedes a group of riders who must recover 10 seconds from Williams, and are among others Stefan Kung, Alexey Lutsenko, Marc Hirschi, Aleksandr Vlasov and our Domenico Pozzovivo. All that remains is to find out how things will go today in the 3rd stage of the Giro di Svizzera 2022 … (adj. By Claudio Franceschini)


The direct of the Tour of Switzerland 2022 gives us the 3rd stage: Tuesday 14 June will in fact be the day of the Aesch-Grenchen, a 177-kilometer course with which we will probably enter the heart of a stage race which, we recall, substantially leads the way in the Tour de France as it has already been for the Tour of the Dauphiné, closed with the victory of Primoz Roglic. The 3rd stage in the live broadcast of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland will be particularly interesting: the peculiarity of this stage race is that of having daily routes that are never really flat, but today more than in other days the selection could concern the men of the classification .

In fact, the 3rd stage on Tuesday 14 June will immediately present us with some climbs; the first ones are not too sensational, but around 80 kilometers the road will really start to climb and with the Cote au Bouvier we will have the first GPM with an average gradient of 8.3%. This will be the highest point that will be reached in the live broadcast of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland today, but within a 3rd stage that will have three other GPMs and therefore it could be useful for shuffling the cards; therefore all that remains is to see what will happen when we leave, remembering that the start is scheduled for 12:50 and, obviously having to take into account the pace averages, the arrival should be around 17:20.


We are therefore approaching the live broadcast of the Tour of Switzerland 2022 for this 3rd stage: we talked about the GPM that will keep us company after about 80 kilometers of route, but then there will be three more. One of category 2 will be the Bellelay, an ascent of 7 and a half kilometers at 4.7%; then we will have two category 3, specifically the Vauffein (this one of short duration, but which will touch the 6.3% gradient and therefore will be particularly treacherous) and finally the Lommiswil, less than two kilometers.

At the end of this stretch there will be the grand finale, 15 flat kilometers in which to let loose; what happens sooner, however, could lead the men of the classification, that is those who aim for the final victory at the 2022 Tour of Switzerland, to reveal their cards and really try. All in all, however, the 3rd stage could also be good for some escape that manages to reach the finish line; as mentioned we will find out everything shortly, because it is not long before the live broadcast of the 2022 Tour of Switzerland for this 3rd stage …



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