Dear Abby: Men Say Women Are Using Their Phones Too Much Inbox Fills Up


Dear Abby: I want to respond to “Bail Ready in New Jersey” (September 1st). This lady was complaining that she was constantly on the phone. Does this man know how much information and communication is shared electronically today: work emails, school emails, groups on various children’s activities, his texts, even grocery shopping? , all done over the phone.

2022. We’re not just scrolling through social media all the time. Perhaps the women he was referring to are trying to avoid contact with him because of his ridiculous views on women. — Michelle from Illinois

Dear Michelle: I warned “Ready” that readers would say a lot about his letters and whether or not he was actually a misogynist. read:

Dear Abby: If you start a sentence declaring that you are not a misogynist, you are probably a misogynist. If I had to endure his company, I would answer the phone too, call Uber, and get me out of there. — Emily from Texas

Dear Abby: I agree with “Ready”, but women aren’t the only ones doing it. Both men and women use mobile phones all the time and are oblivious to what is going on around them. I am a mother of her 3 small children and love to hang out with other parents and children. Other parents are rarely interested in spending long hours chatting or watching their children play. They love taking pictures for social media and scrolling through their phones. Ok — we’re all tired and long for a break. Still, I find it difficult to find people who are good conversationalists. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this technology. I crave deeper connections with other humans. — Cassie from Maryland

Dear Abby: On a one-to-one basis, I tell ‘Ready’ that he doesn’t really understand women. What impressed me the most was his remark about “shopping is a woman’s addiction.” It’s like saying all men are only interested in beer and sex.

My advice to him on finding a spouse is to start with the basics. Please. You must be able to connect as a person. Can you talk intelligently about your work, interests, passions, and goals? Can you ask questions about these topics, hear the answers, and have thoughtful conversations? are more likely to put down the phone and pay attention to you, and are more likely to develop a relationship with you. — Brent from California

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