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Today marks two years since Evanston became the first city in the nation to approve compensation for its black residents. Here is today’s program:

Evanston’s Compensation Board unanimously voted last week to amend the Local Compensation Home Repair Program to add direct cash payments as a fourth option for residents directly affected by the city’s Red Line. Did. The committee also voted unanimously to consider developing a cash payment program separate from the housing program.

As part of this program, each person will be awarded up to $25,000 to use to purchase a home, help with a mortgage, pay for home renovations, or a combination of these options.

Six recipients chose home improvement benefits, six chose a combination of home improvement and mortgage assistance, two chose mortgage assistance only, and one participant chose to use the funds. I bought a house. One has not made a final decision.

The San Francisco supervisor also supports a compensation program for black residents in the city of California, proposing a $5 million lump sum payment among more than 100 recommendations. How will San Francisco pay for this? It’s not clear.

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Election judges Linda Sanchez (left) and Anita Scotese (middle) and election coordinator Katrina Randle (right) voters at a polling place in the Sucral Floral Greenhouse in Chicago's 23rd Ward on Election Day, Feb. 28. points you in the right direction.  2023, Chicago.

Officials overseeing elections in Chicago and suburban Cook County say they need as many as 1,000 election judges each just two weeks before the April 4 local elections end.

Cook County operates 800 different ballot formats in 13 languages, with 2,000 candidates participating.

Elizabeth Cervantes, Director of Organization, Southwest Suburban Immigrant Project, March 21, 2023. at her Bolingbrook office at the organization.  Cervantes is a recipient of her DACA and devotes her time to helping other immigrant families apply for medical debt relief programs.

Illinois has defended a bill to expand health care for immigrants and other at-risk people, but a 2021 study by the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services found more than 900,000 people Illinois residents do not have insurance. More than a third of these residents are covered by health insurance, and many others are covered by the hospital’s financial assistance programs and charity care.

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However, most are unable to access benefits due to technology or language barriers, leaving individual patients responsible for navigating the system to find out what they are eligible for and submitting an often complex application process. I am indebted.

Museum visitors visit the Alsdorf Gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago on June 21, 2017.

The Art Institute of Chicago’s Alsdorf collection is at the center of renewed scrutiny over repatriation claims.

Donated by Marilyn Alsdorf in 1997, the Alsdorf Collection comprises approximately 500 antiquities from South and Southeast Asia, many of which are displayed in the eponymous gallery that connects the Michigan Avenue building to the rest of the museum. It has been.

MLB's new pitch clock during the Cubs' 10-8 win over the Giants on February 25, 2023 at Sloan Field in Mesa, Arizona.

Columnist Paul Sullivan understands that MLB wants to shorten postseason games.

More fans are in tune, but baseball doesn’t want them to remain indifferent. But it’s disappointing to see postseason games decided by violations of the pitch clock.

Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, and Kieran Culkin in 'Succession' Season 4.

The comical vanity of “Succession” has always been rooted in the inability of one hot-tempered billionaire to perform this simple task. Name your successor, writes critic Nina Metz.

The HBO series’ fourth and final season begins with Patriarch Logan Roy tacitly asking if anything’s wrong now that he’s trying to sell his media empire. In any case, when Logan broke the news of his intentions last season, it was the hope and sweat of his three youngest sons. Shattering the incompetent dream, the show has since been revived with the battle lines drawn.


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