Day Watch: $50 Billion State Budget Agreement Reached


Good morning, Chicago.

In any discussion of the devastating effects of climate change, one fact often slips through the cracks. It means that targeted interventions can reduce the potentially lethal heat exposure of urban dwellers not only in the years to come, but also for those living in the present.

The heat is not even across the city, so knowing if local temperatures are trending upwards can make a difference. Many groups will be particularly vulnerable as heat waves intensify, including children, the elderly, low-income people, pregnant women, those with certain medical conditions and those working outdoors.

To make local temperature trends accessible to Chicago residents, the Tribune partnered with researchers at the Center for Climate Health at Boston University to create a searchable map. The researchers also found that Chicago’s Latino population disproportionately bears the burden of the heat disparity, while white residents disproportionately live in the city’s coolest neighborhoods.

Read our special report to find the temperature in your area.

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Mayor Brandon Johnson hugs Aldo.  Felix Cardona Jr. (31st) after the City Council meeting at City Hall on May 24, 2023.

At Mayor Brandon Johnson’s first city council, aldermen spent much of the session supporting his plan for allies to play key leadership roles, including in his opening remarks on Fox News. It was an early win for the new CEO, who spent trying to be flattery and witty.

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But the meeting also left immediate concerns over Chicago’s immigration crisis unresolved after opposition groups blocked measures to fund shelters until next month.

Democratic Party Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Illinois legislative leaders announced Wednesday afternoon that they had reached an agreement on a state budget of about $50 billion and will promptly present it to the Senate floor, but the legislature will not vote on the bill. It was closed after about 7 hours without doing it.

The postponement comes amid disagreements between the governor’s office and the Democrats who control both Congresses over how to balance the ballooning costs of immigration health care programs with other parties, lawmakers said on Friday. It arose as a result of the failure to meet a self-imposed deadline for approving the plan. Priority.

This image released by Disney shows Jonah Hauer-King (left) as Prince Eric and Halle Bailey as Ariel. "little mermaid."

Rob Marshall’s take on The Little Mermaid adheres closely to much of the ’89 base and the animated version’s scene-by-scene, shot-by-shot design scheme. But the change really helps, writes critic Michael Phillips.

A fleshed out central romance, a performance by Halle Bailey (Ariel the mermaid, who sings like it’s someone else’s business), and Jonah Hauer-King as she plays Above World’s lover Prince Eric – all is basically working. It shouldn’t be uncommon. But these pre-branded IP derivatives too often fail to convey their vibrant spirit to their creators, no matter what the global box office might say.

Bears defensive back Terrell Smith (left) and linebacker Noah Sewell listen to a question during rookie minicamp at Harras Hall on May 6, 2023.

The Chicago Bears selected 10 players in last month’s NFL Draft, from No. 10 Darnell Wright to No. 258 Kendall Williamson. The Tribune spoke to each draft pick’s college coach for more insight.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Riccardo Muti "concert in chicago" Featuring Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 at Chicago's Millennium Park on June 27, 2022.

Here, consider your neighborhood’s “classic-ish” and “jazz-ish” lists to help you get through the busiest summer in recent memory.


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